Friends of Fandom


Take a look at this month’s kickstarters and projects by other fans that we can all enjoy! I always get a warm fuzzy contributing and supporting those like me. Check out the list below if you want to help!

Check, Please! Kickstarter

The artists for one of my fav LGBT Web Comics has started a kickstarter. This is great way to show support to her and hopefully (if we reach one of the stretch goals) it will help her do regular updates for the comic. Contributing to the kickstarter also means you’ll get either a pdf or physical copy of Freshman Year! 13 days left till the Kickstarter ends so check it out. And if you haven’t read Check, Please! Check it out (haha, terrible pun.)

Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy

Written by fellow fangirl Sam Maggs this book comes out May 12. This is definetly on my read list and one I plan on buying a hardcover. I mean, just look at it! Sam promises to fill the book with tips, tricks, and share expeience points that both young fans and old fans will enjoy.

Build Your Anime Blog: How to Get Started, Stand Out, and Make Money Writing About What You Love

This book is written by Lauren Orsini, who runs her blog called The Otaku Journalist.  It came out the begining of May so you don’t have to wait- go purchase it right now if you’re interested in anime and blogging. I’ve already finished it!

Donate to Orangization of Transformative Works

OTW is doing their annual call for donations. You can, of course, donate all year around but now they promise exciting swag for helping. An OTW sticker, Pen, and Tote are a few of the promised gifts. They’ve already hit their goal of $100,000 but you should still help out if you can. Why? OTW gives us fans some amazing things, all for free! They run Archive of Our Own, one of the best Fanfiction sites I’ve ever been on. They run Fanlore, a great wiki-like site of fan history, and so much more!


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