Fandom Friday: Five Books for Comic / Anime Fans


This year was a great year for reading books. I’ve discovered some new favorites and some that go hand in hand with my love of comics and anime. Here is the list below if you’re in need of more books to read.


 By: Jay Kristoff

 If you love Japanese culture and mythology you’ll love Stormdancer. If you love well written and descriptive steampunk stories you’ll love StomDancer. If you love kickass female characters and cuddly/deadly animals you’ll definitely love Storm Dancer and it’s follow up stories. The series as a whole is beautiful and juggles a variety of characters you grow to love and cherish. It also invokes tears of happiness and sadness so prepare your body for that.

While reading the trilogy I kept wishing Studio Ghibli would find out about the books and adapt them into a movie because HOLY CRAP it would make the story a master piece. I even gave the books to my husband who devoured them (and it is HARD to get him into any books.)

For anime fans this books is written for you. The fight scenes are amazing and the alternate Japan that Kristoff creates is a world that just sticks with you. Without giving too much away there are chainsaw Katana’s, Griffins, Oni, Steam Ships, and Ninjas. Patrick Rofuss, author of the popular Kingkiller Chronicle, puts it best saying “You had me at Japanese Steampunk.”

Red Queen
By: Victoria Aveyard 

Red Queen has been making a BIG splash this spring in the YA literature scene. To sum it up think: X-Men meets Game of Thrones.  This book’s ending is also one of the best I’ve ever read with a fight scene and twists that leave your jaw on the ground.

Essentially it takes place in our distant future where humans have evolved to two groups. The silver bloods, with mutant like powers and the Red Bloods (a.k.a Normal humans.) One day, Red girl Mare Barrow discovers she has the power of a Silver and she becomes the center of a dangerous cover-up to hide the fact that a Red has Silver abilities.

Doing “special abilities” in YA fiction is hard but Aveyard’s descriptions are on point. She has a unique way of bringing out every ability that reminds me not just of X-men but Avatar the Last Air Bender as well.

By: Rainbow Rowell

 This one is for anyone who identifies themself as a “fan.” Anime, Comics, Role-Play, whatever. Fangirl is a great and relatable read for any fangirls out there. Cathy is one of us and she is completely and totally invested in her fandom. So much that things like dealing with boys falls secondary. I mean, who would want to interact with boys and possibly embarrass yourself when you have your imaginary OTP right! Right? Hahaha.

It almost hurts when Cathy does something that we as the reader can relate to, but it is also a beautiful story about how love can still blossom and awkwardness can lead to a prince charming. Levi, the love interest of the novel, is also incredibly enduring.

And yes, if you were wondering, artist and writer Noelle Stevenson of the Lumberjanes did the cover.

By: Marissa Meyer

The first of Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles is a delightful retelling of the classic fairy tale Cinderella. I’m not really a fan of retelling but this one is so fresh and everyone’s had great things to say about it, I had to give it a try. Cinder is a futuristic story of Cinderella if she was a cyborg. It has Science Fiction elements, romance, and magic. Something for everyone really.

Fans of Sailor Moon would also enjoy this read. Meyer has stated the show inspired her and the influence is clear with the Moon society introduced in the story. The Lunar Chronicles is an ongoing series and great for teens and adults.

Trigger Warning
By: Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman’s new short story anthology is a great read for those geeks with little time on their hand. Instead of reading a full sized novel, try a couple little ones. There’s even a Doctor Who short story that features Amy Pond.

This is on the list since Neil gave us The Sandman comic series. Fan’s know him for a variety of reasons besides this, his contributions to Doctor Who and his other stories that include Caroline, American Gods, and Stardust.

Fans of Neil will enjoy this wide range of short stories and the introduction in the beginning is worth a read as it shows Neil’s though process in writing some of them. I’m still in the middle of reading this, but enjoying the ride.


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