Fandom Friday: Funko Pop Figures That NEED To Be Made


It’s always disappointing when Funko comes out a with a new set of Figures and I find myself wanting only a few of them, and usually those few are impossible to find anywhere! Here is a list of Collections that they desperately need to make so I can buy every figurine.

1.       Sailor Moon

Funko has started making more anime figures with the recent Attack on Titan and DBZ collections. But they’ve neglected a key anime that has been making a HUGE comeback this year. I mean, come on! There will probably never be a better time to do a Sailor Moon collection with Sailor Moon Crystal going on and the rerelease of the Classic Episodes.

I would buy every single Senshi they put out, without hesitation. Seriously, they’d be sooo cute and I can only imagine what a mini Tuxedo Mask would look like.

2.       Sherlock Holmes
The BBC version and Robert Downey Jr. Version. I just want as many ways to collect little Sherlocks and Watsons. Also, I would need one Funko Pop in particular to be deemed “Watson With Mustache.” Because that deserves its own figurine.

3.       Fullmetal Alchemist
A popular anime that rings true with a lot of fans. We have Black Butler Funko but not Fullmetal? Of course they’d probably come out with only a small portion of the cast, but I’d be happy with just Edward, Al, Roy, and Envy.

4.       Lord of the Rings
Why do we have Hobbit Funko Pop Figures but not characters from the actual Lord of the Rings? Come on, all I really want is Frodo and Aragorn minis. Is it so much to ask when we’re talking about such iconic movies?

5.       Classic Authors

This one is a little different, I know, but I would still totally buy a collection of big eyed little authors. Also, different is always good with Funko pop who has dedicated an entire set to Classic Horror Villians. Why not start a Classic Set? One that consists of Authors as well?

Just think; Jane Austen, Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, C.S. Lewis, Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allen Poe… This list goes on and on and I would NEED every single one of them.


A wrap up of news and kickstarters for fans and by fans from the week.

  • In Other News May 9 has officially been deemed Goku Day!! Aw, Piccolo is going to be so disappointed.
  • In met Amanda Coroando at Otakon 2014 where we bought two of her beautiful watercolor prints (now framed and hanging in our study.) Her art style is very distinct and drop dead gorgeous.  Support her new Kickstarter, a story of two adorable foxes. She also does adorable pokemon and Totoro fanart on her etsy site. 
  • If you were on the fence about buying a PS4 or not this might change your mind. New remastered FFX and X-2 Announced!

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