Binge Watching and Reviews


I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, between a full time job, working on a novel, and keeping up this blog. Where am I suppose to watch my weekly shows or read the latest comic issue? That’s what lead me to binge watching. It’s a terrible habit where I sit on the couch and don’t move for about two or three days.

Binge watching is a different experience then watching a show episode by episode. It helps with some of the pain that comes with cliff hanger endings and remembering when the next episode will come out. When I watch shows like this I often forget about them, not because I wasn’t enjoying the show but I get caught up in real life.

I enjoy the feeling of having a show just play one episode after another in one long emotional journey. That moment when the story fully takes you in and you can’t help but see what happens next. That’s what I love about watching anime.

Another reason why I do binge watching is because I’ve fallen way behind on anime watching. In the past couple years I’ve only been able to watch those shows that really made it onto my radar. Even then I often heard about shows late and binged watched them.

This means you’ll be seeing some binge reviews for older anime. Maybe its from the lastest season or from a year ago, I’m slowly catching up. I hope these binge reviews will help fans find completed anime that they can just sit down and enjoy.

Reviews may contain spoilers. I’ll try to label the reviews appropriately.

Minimal: Basic plot and villains

Mild: Major plot points discussed

Major: Plot twists and character deaths


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