Fandom Friday: 5 Video Games for Cat Lovers


This week has been filled with cat video games for me. Weird, I know. So I decided to make this Fandom Friday about those game’s I’ve been playing. And would you believe, there are a few that I haven’t played?

1. Neko Atsume

You ever think to yourself that you could easily become a crazy cat lady. Neko Atsume allows you to live that crazy cat lady dream in an adorable way. Here’s the thing you have a back porch that you litter with kitty goodies (toys, food, boxes) and wait for stray cats to appear.

That’s it. That’s the game. You can name all the different cats that visit and take pictures of them. The more cats you lure to your porch the more points you get- allowing you to buy that extra fluffy bed for Double Stuff. I may have named a cat Double Stuff.

The game is in Japanese but you don’t really need to know the language to still do the basic functions. It’s simple, adorable, and addictive.

Available for Iphone and Android.

2. Super Mario 3D World

The latest game for the Mario World franchise where a new form is introduced. Neko form. That’s right, find a little bell icon and you can turn Mario and his friends into little… cat people. Who run around on four legs, say “Meow” and swipe at objects.

It sounds stupid…stupidly fun. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this new game but dang it was fun! Not only do Mario and friends become cats but others characters do as well. The cats can even stick to the walls with their claws and climb. Some of my favorite levels of the game are specifically made for the cat form where I’d be running around yelling, “I’m a cheetah!”

Good times Mario. Good times.

Available for the Wii U.

3.  My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3AM Every Day 

Do you own a cat? Do you know all those times your cat meows aimlessly throughout the night? What about them knocking things over? Well, this game might be a bad flash back, but it’s okay- because this time you get to be that annoying cat.

Whatever your reasons for waking up your owner are, I’m sure they’re legit. The game is free, easy, and highly enjoyable. As the cat you can basically do very few things 1) Meow 2) Knead on your human 3) knock shit over. I really enjoyed the mini explosions the items you knock over make. Not to mention the cat’s 8-bit meow is both adorable and annoying.

Go on, give it a try!

4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Mayor of a village where cats (and other adorable animals) walk around. If telling people, “My best friend is a cat” was a mood killer adding, “-in a video game” will seal your fate. If you haven’t heard Animal Crossing is a fun, adorable game for the Gameboy 3Ds.

As the Mayor of the little village you are in charge of making sure your villagers are happy. On the side you try to make your house the most trendy (and adorable) in the village. Cats and trendy furniture… this game was made for me.

Available on the Nintendo Store for 3Ds.

5.   Shelter 2

Never heard of the first Shelter? The beautiful life simulator game where you play a mother badger raising her young? No? That’s okay you don’t really need to know about it to jump right into Shelter 2. Now you play a mother Lynx, who has just had her four young cubs.

Unlike the first Shelter this latest version allows you to name your babies (and mama) and experience a more open world (with seasonal changes.) Be warned, naming them causing a immediate connection to this family and when one of the young dies it is just as traumatizing as that time you put down the family cat.

Still, this game is gorgeous and a great one to play!

Available on Steam.

Honorable Mention of Cat Games I have yet to play:

1. On a Hot Tin Rood (Available on Steam.) A noir detective story about a investigator with their fedora wearing cat.

2. Cat Lady (Available on Steam.) The title says it all, but what it doesn’t say is this is apparently a very violent story about a lonely woman. It is very heavy with story and very dark. Right up my alley (cat.)

3. Cat Fishing (Available on Steam.) I noticed this one while researching for this list. It’s a basic fishing simulator game where you play an adorable cat. The graphics look clean and fun! And it’s only 6.99 right now on Steam!


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