Reading Comics Digitally a.k.a The Future!!

Comics are now just a download away.

In the last couple years a lot has happened regarding my personal access to comics. I went from a small town where the nearest comic shop was forty minutes away to living near one of the best comic stores in the country. When I first started reading I had no idea where to start. It was also very intimidating, some storylines were on their tenth issue (with the first couple nowhere in sight.) Not to mention the price tag for some of the larger collections was enough that I felt very discouraged.

Since then as the interest in comics has gone so has their accessibility. You can find the larger collections at bookstores now, comic shops are cropping up everywhere, and I have even found an issue of Fiona and Cake at a local video store.

For me though, I’ve finally found the perfect form of buying comics that fits my lifestyle. Yep, I’m talking digital copies.

Buying comics this way has a lot of perks. You can find all the issues you’re looking for in one spot. It’s become incredibly easy to find the exact story arc you’re looking for, easily pick up older issues, and be exposed to different titles. And all of these are available for download to your ipad, phone, or computer. This is a great way for people who haven’t been in the comic scene in a while to easily jump in. Online stores like Comixology have sales and specials on older titles, and newer ones on the day of release.

It also makes things easier with its subscribe feature. Which allows you to mark titles of interest so when the newest issue comes out it will be automatically downloaded to your device.

What comic industries have found their profits have increased since opening digital avenues, but its not just people buying digitally. Co-publisher for DC Comics said in an interview with CBS News, “The digital’s actually drive people to the collected additions. It almost becomes a sampler in some ways. They get a taste of the characters, but once they have it, they want to hold the book, they want to put it on a bookshelf.”

For some who like having a physical copy of the comic online isn’t the way to go. But for me, a girl who moves A LOT and has way to many books to begin with, it’s a blessing.

I prefer Comixology for my digital needs. It carries a large variety of comics and also includes manga as well! Speaking of manga, Viz also has an app with all of its titles literally at your fingertips. Finding time to go to the bookstore is no longer a problem. Marvel and DC also has a app where you can purchase and download their titles. Some of these titles, on the Marvel and DC app, are even free as the companies try to get new readers interested.

Now might also be a good time to mention that downloading these apps are free (its buying the actual comics that will cost ya.)

Not all will agree that they like the digital frontier of comics. Nothing beats going into a comic store and being surrounded with your fellow nerds, and I will still buy issues that have limited cover runs or that I’m fond off. Buying comics digitally shouldn’t e seen as a threat, but a new form that welcomes fans of all backgrounds to unlimited stories and experiences.

If you’d like to find out more about certain apps The Comic Herald wrote a detailed articled comparing the Marvel App to Comixology. There is also a article at Gadgets that gives great insight into other comic apps besides the ones I’ve listed above.


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