Fandom Friday: 5 Fictional Characters I Identify With





Usagi / Sailor Moon

Out of the entire Sailor Moon staff there are two individuals who I completely identify with. This is probably why it is one of my favorite shows. Let’s start with Usagi. Yeah, she’s the main character but to me she was so much more. She didn’t get good grades and was often times being yelled at by her friends and the adults around her. Growing up, school was really difficult for me (I still get test anxiety.) But seeing a young girl struggling with the same things as me and still being a hero really meant a lot. She didn’t need to be the smartest. Usagi was a great friend and that was enough to proof her worth.

Minako / Sailor Venus

Minako is a bamf of a scout. The original Sailor V, she fought monsters all on her own. But, in her high school uniform she’s just another girl. One who constantly gets phrases and wording mixed up. One who struggles with having too much to do, between her volleyball career, being a sailor scout, and wanting to be an idol.

I relate to Minako one this fact. I always have something that needs to be done. Keeping up with my fitness, work, blogging, writing, conquering Japanese. And between all that I struggle to communicate because I’m always pronouncing words wrong at work. Minako, I know the struggle.

Tina Belcher

Tina won my heart when she admitted on TV that she wrote erotic friend-fiction. She’s the first character I’ve ever seen who writes fanfiction and she’s about the same age I was when I got into it. Besides all that, her obsession with ponies, zombies, and boys pretty much speaks for itself.

Bilbo Baggins (Hobbits in General)

I am a hobbit. I know this and except it. There is nothing I like more than curling up in my hobbit hole, reading, drinking tea, and relaxing. I identify, specifically with Bilbo, because he really is an introvert who goes out of his comfort zone to help others. This, along with the fact that Bilbo is a writer basically means we’re the same person.


Kiki’s Delivery Service is my favorite Miyazaki film, probably because I identify with Kiki so much. Even now, as an adult the moment Kiki “loses her mojo” makes me tear up because we’ve all been there. I often feel writer’s block or creative blocks. I just gotta work through it and Kiki taught me that.

She’s also a cat person, who bought a mug because Gigi asked her to. I would have done the same thing.



 A round up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans. 

1. There is a Indiegogo fund trying to support Yaoi Dating Sim game “Fantastic Boyfriends.” By supporting it, you’ll help them bring the game to English speaking audiences. The artwork is very different from the other, more Bishie, dating games out there. Yay, body diversity.

2. Welovefine has some RAD Spider Gwen clothes for Presale. They’ve been on a role recently with outfits. Can’t wait to see more.

3. Looking for something to kill time with? Check out Fandom Secrets on Livejournal. This site has been up for years and I spent many a college night reading secrets instead of doing homework. It’s great to see the site is still alive and kicking.

4. Bryan Fuller Reassures Fans That His American Gods Adaptation Will Be Appropriately Diverse. Well, that’s good to hear. Now we’ll have to wait and see.

5. This tumblr fan made an entire Night Vale Sweater and gives helpful instructions to how you can as well. Amazing!

6. I was sure when this month started that we’d been seeing tons of Avenger Fanart and Fanfiction, but one thing has over shadowed all of that for me. The sudden flood of Mad Max greatness that has joined Fandom. I can’t even begin to express how awesome the fanart and fan theories have been. This includes the sudden decision that Mad Max Fury Road is one big family road trip movie and the birth of the Feminist Max Meme (as seen below.)


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