I Binge Watched Carmilla and You Should Too!

A tale as old as Dracula… No, really. But this time with a little bit of Buffy.

This week something amazing happened. Season 2 of the Carmilla web series started.

What is Carmilla? That’s the same question that was rolling around my head when I was seeing all the freak out gifs on my tumblr dash. Even the Mary Sue did an article to celebrate the new release.

What really got my attention though was a series of gis that showed the two main characters (both females) making out. I’m always about diversity in films, comics, and webseries and will watch anything showing these relationships to show the world that there’s more to love then traditional male/female romance. So this seemed right up my alley. And boy, was I right!

The webseries is based off a gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. It tells the story of a vampire named Carmilla and her strange fascination with a young woman named Laura. It is one of the first pieces of vampire fiction out there and even predates Bram Stroker’s Dracula by 25 years! Apparently the novella shared a lot in common with Dracula, except it contained very strong lesbian subtext between  Camilla and Laura. Carmilla the webseries is a modern day adaption of this novella. With Carmilla and Laura roommates in a University full of secrets.


Interested? Without revealing too much here are some more reasons why you should watch Carmilla.

Vampires Are Fun Again

So yeah, Vampires. We have a love / hate relationship with them even now years after Twilight. Its always a toss up if the story will work, if the “vampires” will be good enough. Well, let me tell you the story does work and the vampires are up there on snark mountain right next to Buffy. Snark and Vampires I can watch that, I can watch that all day.

Welcome to Silas University

In fact the entire setting of Silas University has a very Welcome to Nightvale feel to it. Strange things happen to this university… but apparently they’ve been happening for years and years and the students are past caring. It makes for a lot of silly things happening in the background, things like the Alchemy Club’s failed experiments or multiple choice notices being left behind when a student disappears.

Majority Female Cast

Our cast is lovable and my fondness for them grew over the course of the 36 episodes. There’s Laura, our heroine, with her sense of justice, great / terrible investigative skills, and overall adorableness. Carmilla, our queen of snark who’s actress literally purrs her lines. The duo of Perry and Lafontaine who are oddly helpful. Danny, deemed Amazon warrior as I watched then later “bro” when a lonely frat boy turns to her for a friend.

But seriously, it is great seeing so many different ladies portrayed in the show. Each one is well crafted and develops throughout the series as they deal with love, betrayal, and all the stress of passing college exams. Carmilla is one of those shows that hints towards numerous types of relationships between their cast members that makes for an interesting dynamic to watch. I, for one, am already planning on reading some Carmilla fanfiction to see what stories out there explore these dynamics.

I once read that one of the reasons there are so many male / male relationships portrayed in fanfiction or fanart is because of the overwhelming amount of male characters and relationships shown in television and movies. This past year, I’ve seen an abundance of series that have a majority female cast and can now see this theory might be true.


But of course the real reason you should watch is the development of the Carmilla / Laura relationship. If someone wrote Harry Potter / Draco fanfiction (with Draco as a vampire) this relationship might be it. The enemies to lovers troupe is strong with this one but their feelings are played off like everything else in the show. They’re in love, that’s that, on to fighting evil vampire cults.


Apparently Carmilla fans are called Creampuffs (awesome) and I am now firmly in their ranks. Each of the episodes are between 2-5 minutes in length and make for an easy binge. Watching all of Carmilla Season 1 should take about two hours.

So what are you waiting for? Go, grab a creampuff and sit yourself in front of youtube.


2 thoughts on “I Binge Watched Carmilla and You Should Too!

    • Yeah, since the episodes are so short I totally know how that feels. I haven’t been watching Season Two because I’m waiting for more episodes to be out.


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