Dragonball Super: All Our Hopes and Expectations

This Dragonall fan has opinions!

Some of the Summer Season line up has been announced and I am absolutely giddy about the newest installment in the Dragonball Univerise/ Dragonball Super. If that wasn’t enough reason wasn’t enough, this time Toriyama has a firm hand in the development.

For years fans of the series have kept themselves satisfied with the mini specials and more recent movies that have come out; but this is the first time we’re promised an actual series in nearly 20 years. Last week we got our first Promotional Video for the series and I am just hyped.

But after the recent reboot of Sailor Moon and the problems that came with it, under all this excitement there are nerves. Here are some expectations I have for the show.

  1. Better Pacing

Since the original show aired, Dragonball has seemed to recognize that the show’s pacing is horrendous, filled with useless filler content and repetitive scenes.  That’s why they came up with Dragonballz Kai, right?

Hopefully they’ve learned how to have a good action packed anime within a reasonable episode count.

  1. More Heart

That sounds a little vague so let me explain. As much fun as the recent movies have been they have lacked the heart of the original series. By highlighting bigger and better fights for a 90 minute time frame, the creators have forgotten how to make us care about the characters. We only get a small taste of what the cast has been up to in the movies before the focus moves back to the villain and the fight. I’m hoping the new series will fix this problem.

Dragonball Super needs to look back at its original roots and find the dramatic story telling that use to be there. I really want Super to make us care for these characters again. To show us their struggles and their victories. We need a villain or a conflict that will not just test them physically, but emotionally as well.

The focus needs to shift to the cast of characters we care about, not just Goku. That is what will make or break this series for many fans.

  1. Good 3D Animation

We’re stepping into a new age of anime, where 3D visuals are used in almost every series.Whether it is used to provide extra dimensions to the background or animating an entire mobile suit battle, sometimes 3D effects can make or break the show.

In the recent DBZ Movie: Resurrection of F, the 3D effects were a firm negative. Excessive use hindered the other animation shots causing the movie to feel cheap. I really hope they pull back a little and fit the 3D in places where it will add to the 2D animation and not become a distraction.

4. More Goten and Trunks

This is a personal desire of mine. We got to see Gohan develop and grow throughout DBZ, so I’m hoping Super will do the same for these two since we get very little screen time for them in the original series. I think there is a lot to explore for these two since they are so young and have experienced peace the majority of their lifetime. Trunks isn’t the same character who came back from an Andriod-infested future and Goten is still very naïve when it comes to fighting. I’d like to see them face the same trails Gohan did when he was younger.

But again, I’m very bias when it comes to this want.

DBZ Super will air on July 5 and I plan on reviewing it. Even if all these expectations aren’t met I’m still hoping it will be a fun ride down memory lane. One thing is for sure though, I’m probably going to cry while watching it.

Below is our first look at the series. Let me know if you’re excited about the new series and what you want to see.


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