Fandom Friday: Characters With My Favorite Fictional Fashion



Walk Walk Fashion Baby. This week we’re talking about some of our favorite fictional fashion, and I discover my taste in clothes has only developed slightly since childhood.

1. Card Captor Sakura

One of my first fashion icon crushes. Sakura wore some of the cutest costumes I had ever seen on television and I wanted everything she wore. From the iconic cat dress to a few of the more obscure outfits. Sakura was definitely a fashion force to be reckoned with in the 90’s and even present day. It must be nice having a cousin who can make all your clothes.

  1. Jem

The 80’s were a terrible decade for so many reasons but Jem makes me wish the fashion was back in action. Jem was a fashion icon both in her television show and in real life and now with a new movie coming out she will reclaim this spot. But for me, it is the recent comic book series that has really sold me on her fashion sense. It’s almost magical girl like when she transforms from Jericca to Jem. The crazy hair, pink make-up, and outrageous outfits are all things I want to wear but question if I can pull it off. Ah, screw it- I’m gonna dress up like Jem anyway.

  1. Daenerys Targaryen

Ever since the first season of Game of Thrones I have been envious of Dany’s outfits. They are clothes that make beautiful, queenly, and powerful statements about who she is. She wears dresses but also pants and riding boots, because a girl’s gotta be able to get up and work when she needs to.  In the latest season I was coveting not just her dresses but her jewelry as well, including the dragon and dragon wing necklaces.

  1. Marceline The Vampire Queen

One of the most entertaining things I love about Adventure Time is how they constantly change up the looks of both Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, proving they both have awesome fashion sense. Marceline tries out various alternative clothes and rad haircuts throughout the series. One of my favorite outfits involves her over sized gardening hat.

  1. Katniss Everdeen

Katniss wears a variety of clothes throughout the Hunger Games for a girl who doesn’t care much about how she looks. From flaming dresses to active hunting gear, she definitely dresses to impress. But out of all her outfits I am most in love with the clothes she wears in District 12. The leather, boots, and that scarf thing that I would kill a tribute for. Katniss finds the same balance as Dany when it comes to rocking badass fashion.




A round up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans.

1. The latest issue of Transformative Works and Culture Journal is available for free if you’d like to give it a look. Volume 19 focuses on Trans-nationalism, localization, and translation in European fandom. One of my favorite articles from it The Creation of Football Slash Fan Fiction by: Abby Waysdorf.

2. Now something that will hurt your soul. A One Direction Fanfic turned book series is getting adapted into a film, and being talked about as a YA “50 Shades”. In Anna Tood’s “After Series” instead of falling for a CEO billionaire the main female protagonist is paired with a fictionalized Harry Styles.

3.  This one is a little old but since I didn’t post Friends of Fandom last week here it is: Animator Callegos Yavolitak created a fan video involving Link from Legend of Zelda. The video, “Race for Rupees” focuses on the destruction Link leaves behind as he gathers money. The quality is spot on and really entertaining to watch.

4. In honor of Inside Out coming to theaters Today OnlyLeigh of youtube released a new video entitled, “The Five States of Watching A Pixar Film“. OnlyLeigh is known for her creative youtube videos that reflect the fan experience and this one is no exception. And yes, I did suffer nearly all Five Stages after I watched Inside Out.

5. Lots of great Fan Created Kickstarters for you this week. If you haven’t heard the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter was announced at E3, with the goal to raise 2 million dollars. It hit it’s goal in nine hours (and still climbing.) The last installment of the Shenmue games was made 13 years ago and fans are eager to make this game another crowd funded success.

6. Another Kickstarter, not of the gaming variety, is trying to publish Osamu Tezuka’s shoujo manga “Storm Fairy.” Tezuka is known for authoring manga titles such as “Princess Knight” and “Kimba the White Lion.” As of now, they are only $2,000 dollars away from their goal with stretch goals promising to publish Tezuka’s “Unico” manga.

7. Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to the recent Jurassic World fan art that has been blowing up Tumblr and making all our hearts happy. Most of it just includes Christ Pratt’s character, Owen Grady, with his raptor squad. Yeah, the film had issues but Raptor Squad was not one of them. Not only has the film been inspiring fan art but meme’s as well, including the Zookeeper Meme. I’ll just leave this here.


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