Fandom Friday: 5 Fandom Guilty Pleasures


“What’s my guilty pleasure? The thing is, I’ve never felt guilty about my pleasures.” -Tom Hiddleston

  1. Classic Anime 

By now, you should all know that I am a major fan of Sailor Moon and DragonballZ. Those shows were my first exposure to anime, the first time I realized cartoons were more than Saturday morning fluff, the first time I felt compelled to own everything and anything I could because I loved the show so much. Now, years later and only slightly more mature, I still watch these shows and they give me a warm fuzzy.

I know that now, in retrospect, they both have huge flaws. DragonballZ has a plot that crawls and Sailor Moon’s freak of the week episodes got old after the first two seasons but I can’t help it. Re-watching these shows are like reconnecting with old friends.

  1. Fanfiction

You’re either in Camp Fanart or Camp Fanfic as far as guilty pleasure goes. I am firmly in Camp Fanfic, and after many years I might also be a crazy camp counselor. Fanfiction is a huge addiction of mine, and yes, I do mean the smut . But there are also gems there, stories that are so brilliant and well thought out that I’ve skipped class to read them. I’ve procrastinated on homework, and have canceled social time just to finish that 100K story on FF.Net.

The guilty pleasure part of this all comes from that fact that all my friends know exactly what I’m reading when my phone light shines on my face.

  1. Buying books in different languages

I like books, but that isn’t a surprise. I have too many books, but again, not a surprise. What is a surprise is the amount of books I have in different languages. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for owning books. This kind of explains the Japanese Pride and Prejudice that I own, and the Japanese edition of The Fellowship of The Ring. I also have a few manga in German from when my family lived there, and several copies of Katekyo Hitman Reborn in both English and Japanese.

I have a problem.

DBZ Funko Pop, A Japanese Version of Pride and Prejudice, and my German copy of Ayashi No Ceres
  1. Those pairings I (kind of) feel bad about

We all have them. One True Parings (OTP) are probably the biggest guilty pleasure of them all. It’s always a relief when I find someone who shares the same (bizarre) train of thought as myself. Like how I secretly shipped Sansa/Hound, or that Real Person Slash I use to read and write about.

There, now you know.

  1. Otome Games

Is there anything more unoriginal then a girl gamer who plays dating sim games? Ugh, I know I know, but here me out. Otome games are Japanese PC (or console) games made for females. They usually involve a female protagonist and the group of boys she’ll interact with. Throughout the game you get to pick which boy you like and try to be in a realtionship with.

They are really basic and really addicting. I honestly can’t explain it, not to you, not to my husband, and not to my fifty video game boyfriends.


A round up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans.

Kind of a dry spell this week but here are a few things that stood out.

1.  It seems like if there’s anything you can thin about nowadays there’s a kickstarter for it. The Secret Loves of Geek Girls is an anthology of stories and comics about… well, you know. I love the push for girl geek representation and all the great women coming together to support these creative ambitions. Check it out if you feel the same.

2. If you haven’t seen the latest season of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ this might contain spoilers. If you’ve seen it then you know it gave mention to fanfiction and one author’s perspective on it when Suzanne discovers her writing “talent.” This was all discussed in a Washington Post article highlighting the best moments of the season. Once again fanfiction is being highlighted in mainstream media.

3. Don’t ask me why but it seems you can now go to USA Today for Fanfic Recommendations. What is happening? Have we entered an alternate universe?

4. By now you all probably know (and mourn) the cancellation of ‘Hannibal’ from NBC. However, Fannibals might be the key to bringing the show back. Here’s Bryan Fuller’s discussion on the future of the show. And The Mary Sue compiled his interactions with fans on twitter.


8 thoughts on “Fandom Friday: 5 Fandom Guilty Pleasures

  1. OMG! I do the same! I buy books in different languages as well (Japanese, Italian, etc). I also have LOTR in different languages LOL And the worse part: I read them all xDDDD Too many books here as well.


    • Haha, buying books in different languages seriously makes the problem of “too many books” a very real threat. I have so many copies but I love them all!


  2. Love the Tom Hiddleston quote–I had a hard time thinking of “guilty pleasures” this week for that reason: I don’t feel guilty about any of them!

    Also, I totally shipped Sansa and the Hound, especially in the books. I’m still kinda bummed that didn’t work out. 😦


    • YES! Another Sansa / Hound shipper, the books made it really easy to ship them. And I agree, this was a little difficult. I made the list based on things people have tried to make me feel guilty about, not really because I feel bad about any item on the list. Thanks for the comment.


  3. Ah Thomas speaks sense! Great choice of pleasures! I’m glad I don’t have the urge to buy books in foreign languages too! I fear that would lead to divorce! XD


    • Thank you for the comment. I tried looking for some good quotes about guilty pleasures and Tom’s came up. It seemed perfect since for a lot of people HE might be their “non-guilty” pleasure. 😉


  4. it’s an exciting year for otome! Amnesia: Memories out on PC and Vita, Code Realize out on Vita, Norn 9 out on Vita and Ozmafia coming soon. Although piracy is still a massive issue, I’m hoping more PC and console otome games will be localized.


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