Dragonball Super Episode 1

This Summer Season Dragonball Super has completely and wholly taken all my love and attention. Honestly, I had arrived at the notion that even if this series became a steaming pile of garbage I’d still love it and I prayed that it wouldn’t suffer the same issues that Sailor Moon Crystal did. Now the first episode is out and it is everything this fan has been waiting for! Get ready because we’re back bitches!

In my original Hopes and Expectations post there were a few things I was really hoping for (but wasn’t going to hold my breath). One: That it would include more comedic adventures with the characters we love and Two: more Goten for my own selfish reasons. I got BOTH– what a way to start a season!

Episode One: “The World Peace Prize. Who is getting the 100 Million Zeni?!” starts off not long after the end of the Maijin Buu Saga and the gang is enjoying their time of peace. Goku is working (ew), Gohan is about to marry Videl (aw), and Goten is looking for a wedding gift for his new sister (awwww!) That’s essentially the plot of this episode. Of course Goten enlists the assistance of his bestest buddy Trunks who offers up the idea of getting her something cosmetic. They then go in search of some youthful spring water and get into shenanigans. Oh, and Piccolo showed up very briefly, only to remind us that he’s still vigilantly watching over Gohan.

It’s great to see Trunks and Goten shining in this episode and I hope they continue to do so throughout the series because they bring that youthfulness that is reminiscent of the older Dragonball series.We even get a kind-of-sort-of fight scene in the episode between the boys and a monstrous snake.

These two are probably my favorite characters in the show and I’ve always felt there was a lot to explore with them. Goten doesn’t get nearly the same attention or episode count that Gohan had throughout Dragonball Z, but here in Super we see some great moments with the youngest Son bonding with his father. While he’s often thought of as a miniature Goku and seen as naive, Goten shows some great foresight for a child by proclaiming his mother the “strongest in the universe.” He’s even the one who convinces his father to take money offered by Hercule, by pointing out that “Mom would let you train if we had money.”

This episode isn’t like the past Dragonball Z series. It’s like they want us to dip our toes back into the world before we jump full on into a new crisis. The focus is on getting us reacquainted with these characters, our old friends, and getting us to love them again. From the opening, ending, and even snippets of scenes it’s noticeable that the the characters come first and foremost. Even the usually annoying Hercule was likeable in this episode when he offers Goku money for saving the world.

It’s not without a little foreshadowing though. We see Lord Beerus from Battle of The Gods is going about destroying planets that don’t meet his high expectations for delicious cuisine, and Supreme Kai has taken notice of him. I’m interested to see how Beerus will play out in these upcoming episodes and how Super will adapt from the movie in which he appears.

But that plot will have to wait because if there was one thing this episode was lacking it was everyone’s favorite Prince of Saiyans. Fear not, while this episode seemed to focus on the Son family the next one will highlight Vegeta navigating Family Vacation Time! I’m okay with this, I’m over 9000 percent okay with this!

Fans will welcome back these characters with smiles and much rejoicing. It’s still really early for us to be able to tell if this series will do well or not, and with no manga material to guide us it really will be a surprise every week.

Rating: A

Freakouts, Giggles, and Additional Notes: 

– In the opening Goten has ditched his long sleeved gi and is now wearing something a little different. I know it is something really tiny, but I’m so excited nonetheless.

– Gohan bought a book in this episode that was literally entitled, “Muzukashii Hon/難しい本” Or “Difficult Book.” That’s our scholar.

-Goku couldn’t last one episode before leaving to go train. Were any other fans betting out there? Because someone just made a lot of money.


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