Fandom Friday: 5 Spinoffs I’d Like To See Get Made



There have been some truly successful spinoff shows and comics in our lifetime, but here is a list of spinoffs we haven’t seen yet that I think could really be successful.

  1. AHS: Coven

This season had a lot of problems but it was one of my favorites. Not only did it give us gruesome scares but a cast of likeable (and detestable) characters that I still can’t stop thinking about. AHS hit a treasure trove of intrigue with this season, but the problem was they didn’t know what to do with it all. In the usual 13 episode season there was too much they tried to explore and not enough time spent explaining the mechanics of the world.

The witch hunters, the history of the school, and some of the girl’s strange powers were never really addressed. All of this could be fixed with a little more thought and a spinoff series.



  1. Welcome to Nightvale: A Carlos Story

I adore Nightvale, but I would love to see it through the eyes of other characters. If I’m being honest, I’d love to see it through the eyes of Carlos who seems baffled by the strange oddities that plague the small town. It would be great to have a podcast of Carlos’ “research recordings” that reflect each episode of the original podcast.  More importantly, we could finally see Carlos’ inner thoughts on our host Cecil.

  1. Steven Universe

There’s a ton to explore in the world of Steven Universe. They offer up alien races (the gems), an ancient battle, and the biggest mystery of all- Rose. I know that with time most of these topics will be touched upon to some extent, but I worry that it won’t delve into the detail and story arcs that could be. There so much material here for a spinoff, it could be about the Gems’ life before Steven, how they got to earth and the battle they endured with their home planet. Or it could be a spinoff for the inhabitants of Beach City, I’m fond of Sady and Lars myself. Or, Steven Universe could take a page from Rugrats and give us a Spinoff of Connie and Steven as adults, saving the universe. I vote the last one.

  1. Fiona and Cake

The Fiona and Cake episodes are by far my favorite episodes of Adventure Time, and it is time for it to have its own show already! They did get a few spinoff comics- but it isn’t the same. The genderbend episodes give us a unique look at the world of Oooo with a  female hero. Instead of Fin protecting Princess’ we have Fiona saving Princes’ (with her trusty cat.) There is nothing better than watching a girl kick butt. And if you weren’t already sold on the concept the voice actors in Fiona and Cake are amazing, the list includes Neil Patrick Harris and Donald Glover.


  1. The Marauders : Prequel to Harry Potter

While I enjoyed Harry Potter as our main protagonist and his school antics were interesting- his dad’s friends just sounded so much cooler. As if to illustrate my point, fans have dedicated hundreds of fanart and fanfiction strictly to the Marauder Time period of Hogwarts. There’s something intriguing about the time before. Let’s face it, most of Harry’s cool magic items came from James and the Marauders. His invisibility cloak, the Marauders map, and so on. There are questions that beg to have answers like, what else did they have that we didn’t know about? What trouble did these kids reek on Hogwarts that we haven’t heard about? Tell me your secrets!!!




A round up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans.

1.  Nintendo hosted a fan art / design contest for their latest game Splatoon and the results are in! Fans were asked to design a new costume that would be available in the August update to the game. A lot of the artwork was amazing but I can’t wait to see the winning design in the actual game.

2. Funimation announced last week at Anime Expo their stance on Trademark and Copyright laws. By clarifying the difference in Trademark and Copyright they announced, “Funimation cannot knowingly tolerate unauthorized use of its trademarks, such as use of trademarks in conjunction with the display or sale of works whose creation is likewise unauthorized.” Uh oh. I wonder how this will change fanart being sold at future conventions. Only time will tell.

3. If you haven’t already heard Seth Green stirred up a bit of drama on the internet last week after he defended himself against “pedophilia allegations.” Other noteworthy YA authors jumped to his defense including Sarah Dessen and Maggie Stiefvator. Several articles have been written about what went wrong between these authors and their targeted audiences, including one by The Mary Sue and  Huffington Post. But I think it is important to note the relationship between authors / fans and how the internet is blurring lines between what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t (and who decides that!?)  Especially after last week when E.L. James was publicly bashed on twitter during a PR stunt for her latest book.

4. Storm Trooper Cosplayer does 501 mile walk along the coast of California to San Diego Comic Con in honor of his late wife. Wow, this story about fans making a difference really needs more spotlight! Kevin Doyle lost his wife Eileen to pancreatic cancer in 2012, he is doing the walk in her honor and to help raise money for their non-profit Eileen’s Little Angels. Check it out and help this fan if you can. Also his twitter is full of delightful photos from the journey.

5. Finally, Cheat Sheet wrote a interesting article on hos ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ misrepresents Fanfiction.


10 thoughts on “Fandom Friday: 5 Spinoffs I’d Like To See Get Made

  1. The Marauders one sounds awesome. I think you’re right, Harry’s stunts were crazy because he had to do crazy stuff, but his dad and all them just did it… because haha. It’d totally be a good spin-off.


    • Yeah, that generation had some of the best characters in my opinion and there could be sooo much going on. Thanks for the comment!


    • It would have made SUCH a good show on its own, and I think they really wanted to do that. But the episode count for the seasons really limited this one. Thus, we need more. 🙂


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