Fandom Friday: 5 Things You’ve Bought at Cons

As I remember these purchases made when I was a poor college student I can’t help but think, Thank god I have an adult job, before buying more geeky items.

  1. Steampunk Goggles

I saw my first piece of Steam Punk clothing at a convention and quickly purchased my very own set of goggles (as well as a Punky leather mask.) And- may I add- It wasn’t cheap. I still have pictures of me proudly wearing these items at the Con. Now whenever I see Steampunk clothing for sale at any convention I can’t help but smile and fondly remember my very first purchase!

  1. ART!!

I usually leave conventions with something to hang on my walls. At the last Otakon I discovered artist Amanda Coronado, who does beautiful watercolor style paintings of fanart (Pokemon and Miyazaki) as well as original pieces. My husband and I both bought prints and I recently had them framed because I love them so much.

  1. Signed Last Unicorn Book

Also at the last Otakon I met one of my favorite authors, Peter S. Beagle, who wrote The Last Unicorn. I bought a new copy of the book for a friend and one of his limited edition stories, both with his signature. It was one of the most rewarding and unique purchases I’ve ever made at a convention, not only for myself but I was able to share it with one of my closests friends when I mailed her the signed edition.

  1. Sailor Moon Poster

In 2011 I attended NYCC and told myself I wasn’t leaving until I found some unique and awesome posters. There were several vendors selling movie posters, and while searching I came across a Japanese Sailor Moon R promotional poster. It was as if I’d struck gold since this was before the recent Sailor Moon revamp and hardly anyone carried Moony Merchandise anymore. I, of course, bought it and have it hanging above my work station like the valuable trophy it is.

  1. Magical Movies

Also at NYCC, I was shocked and amazed to find some anime DVD collections that were nearly impossible to get anywhere else. I bought my all-time favorite box set there an anime by the name of Ghost Stories, which has a dub that is so terribly-awesome I push people to watch it whenever we have movie nights. I also bought my first special edition box set!


A round up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans.

1. wrote a article on the moaning, dripping world of Minion porn. The article actually is more informative then the usual mockery of fanart as the writer looks into the growth of such an “out there” fandom like Minion Yaoi. Definitely worth a look.

2. Also in the news of Fanart, one artists is being praised for their collection of Dragonball Z Kill Counts. Of course, my favorite is the piece showing Yamacha- Kill Count: 0.

3. claims that fanfiction can help children with “imagination, creativity and composition” in a article detailing how to safely navigate the internet with young children.

4. This week I’d like to highlight a Kickstarter that is trying to debunk the stereotype of what a Geek-Gril looks like. Check out The Unicorn Files (awesome name) and donate to help built awareness that geeks don’t fall under one look or one gender.

5. Buff Pokemon Cosplayers are making  a splash on both social blogs and conventions! It’s really fascinating how cosplay has evolved to something that isn’t strictly just, “dressing up as fictional character” but interpreting memes and internet culture as well. And with that dear readers, I’ll leave you with this picture.

Magikrap used SPLASH!



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