Dragonball Super Episode 3

They might as well call Dragonball Super- Battle of the Gods Director’s Cut, because that’s how it feels.

Recap; Lord Beerus struggles to remember the opponent he dreamed about and with the help of Whis and the magical Oracle Fish it is revealed that he will fight a Super Saiyan God. Meanwhile, everyone gathers for Bulma’s birthday party. Except, of course, Vegeta and Goku who are too busy training.

This episode confirmed my suspicions that the next coming episodes were going to stick to the Battle of the Gods script, like gum to a shoe. For the most part the plot focused on Beerus (and not Krillin – sad!) as he tries to figure out how to hunt down his mysterious Super Saiyan God opponent. In this sense it recaps a lot of information people already know from Battle of the Gods, while reintroducing it in new situations. There is a strange bath scene that I don’t know what to think about and some light banter between Whis and Beerus where they act like an old married couple.

This must be an attempt to establish these two more as main characters and give them depth but really it just feels like wasted time. There is nothing new about these two characters that we can gleam from this episode. In fact there was nothing new to the plot that this episode contributed, making it rather disappointing.

Now, I’ll give it to you that if you haven’t seen Battle of the Gods this episode would have a lot of a promise, but I urge you then to watch the movie.

The remaining screen time is split between Goku, who is still training, and Bulma’s birthday party where all of our favorite characters are arriving for a fun time. The fact that nearly everyone is in the same place is amazing, since this is probably a much harder feat than collecting the dragonballs. While this did give us some cute moments, Krillin showing off his daughter to his friends and Gohan presenting the BEST WEDDING PHOTO EVER to Piccolo, that’s all we got from it. It was almost enough to make this episode worth it, almost.

If they’re going to stretch the plot out I would prefer the episodes be equal part new misadventures mixed with the Battle of the Gods plot. The problem with this episode was that it didn’t have enough new content to keep me engaged as a viewer. Hopefully that will be fixed with the next episode. Next week the show is taking a break, but after that it looks as if it will focus on shenanigans again with the promise of young Emperor Pilaf plus Goten and Trunks causing havoc in the ship.

Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes:

  • We got something interesting bit of information when Elder Kai reveals that it was Beerus who trapped him in the Z Sword. Didn’t know that one, but it’s also not exactly a plot point.
  • I’m surprised Goku remembered to attend his son’s wedding and didn’t run off to train. No seriously, this needs to be pointed out.


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