Favorite Movies Inspired by Video Games

Video Game movies have a bad rep for being… just terrible. Some are, some are terribly enjoyable, and some few are actually decent movies.  While the new film Pixels will probably be another pile of slush to add to our terrible-movies-we-feel-obligated-to-see pile (what, you don’t have one of these?) here is a list of some decent movies that are influenced or inspired by games.

5. Pokemon: Technically, yes it is inspired by Video Games or Video Games inspired the movie. Whatever weird infinite loop we’re in, the first Pokemon movie is on this list. When it came out the games were still in mega-hype mood around the world and the theatrical release was a big deal. I waited in line with my friends and their parents for forty minutes, making it my first release day movie, and I was not disappointed. The moment Pikachu cries still gets me every time.

4. Silent Hill: Out of the movies that were influenced from a direct video game, Silent Hill is probably one of the best (Others include Final Fantasy, Doom, Resident Evil.) It weaves an interesting story,  good actors, and the original content of the game into an enjoyable horror flick. SH also has a great soundtrack and is one of the few movies where Sean Bean doesn’t die. Oh yeah, and Sean Bean is in this movie!

3. Wreck It Ralph: It should surprise no one that this is on the list. Ralph is a movie with a lot of heart and a lot of love for the games that it pays homage to. It’s Pixar, so of course it’s great and of course it made this list. With a well rounded, talented cast of voice actors and some cameos by familiar video games faces Wreck It Ralph is a movie that all gamers (young, old, new, and even nongamers) can enjoy.

2. Grandma’s Boy: This is one of my favorite comedies for a variety of reasons. First, the concept for the movie is highly enjoyable as if shows the “behind scenes” of a video gamer development company. Surprise, it’s one giant boys-club. However, Linda Cardellini, playing Sam, takes the “fake gamergirl” stereotype and smashes it into a million pieces as the company’s representative. With Doris Roberts and Nick Swardson delivering line after hilarious line. I find myself quoting this movie a lot and watching it whenever it is on television.

1. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: One of my all-time favorite movies. Scott Pilgrim is perfection as far as I’m concern. It’s witty, has stunning visuals, great music and a great cast! I just recently rewatched it after a long time and couldn’t stop smiling. Scott Pilgrim not only pays video games (and gamers) a solid nod but geek culture as a whole.

I should probably mention that this list was longer, but that was due to my inclusion of some pretty terrible movies that have a special place in my heart. What are some of your favorite video game inspired movies?


2 thoughts on “Favorite Movies Inspired by Video Games

    • Let me know what you think! It’s dripping with “guy humor” but I really do love Sam and some of the lines are just AWESOME!


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