Fandom Friday: 5 (Animated) Pet’s I’d like to Adopt



While making this list I realized one thing. You can never have enough cats in fandom.

  1. Ein (Cowboy Bebop)

Mostly because I like dogs and I have a soft spot for Corgi’s. Plus, Ein was undoubtedly the reason why I started watching Bebop and also what kept me watching. I’m not saying the show was bad, I just wanted to see the darn dog.

  1. Gigi (Kiki’s Delivery)

Talking cat that has a sense of humor? Sign me up! I’m already 100% sure that my spirit animal would take form of a cat and about 90% sure that cat would be Gigi. The first time I watched Kiki’s Delivery Service I found my self commentary of the movie fell perfectly in line with Gigi’s own questions and comments.

  1. Eevee (Pokemon)

I know it’s not actually a pet but who wouldn’t kill to adopt a pokemon? And ever since I could rememeber my favorite has always been Eevee. I imagine owning a Eevee would be like owning a very fluffy squirrel and I am totally alright with that. In case you’re wondering, no, I would never evolve her. She’s too pure for this world.

  1. Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon)

There’s a definite theme on this list. I list cats- and cat like creatures way too much. Toothless reminds me a lot of a cat, but one that can fly! Out of all the dragons in the franchise, he has the sleekest design, in my opinion, and seems to have the most personality. Granted a lot of the personality is brought out by his own Hiccup, so if adopting him is out of the question I’d be content just to watch from afar.

  1. Lion (Steven Universe)

Keeping with the theme of Cat’s, I had to add Lion from Steven Universe. You guys, he’s a Giant. Pink. Lion. Enough said, but if I must go on… He looks like he’d be a great cuddle buddy and there doesn’t seem to be the threat that he would eat your hand like other lions. There is the added bonus that he is magical and can hold any number of items. The perfect questing companion if you ask me.




A round up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans


1. If you’re like me, female costuming in comics has always been a big pet-peeve. Female super heroes wear the most ridiculous outfits that appeal only to male viewers. It is rare for me, as a girl, to look at a costume and say, “That looks cool AND fashionable!” Luckily I’m not alone. This week fans launched the Emma Frost Fashion Redesign Project on Tumblr this week. Finally giving Emma the fashion upgrades she’s needed for years!

2. At Anime News Network, Paul Jensen work a article about Better Fanservice in Anime. This article is a good look at some ways shows can appeal to fans while not going “overboard.”

3. New York Time’s seems to think this year is the “Year of the Fan Girl”  in a article talking about SDCC. I have a lot of opinions on the piece that are better suited for a longer post.

4. Lauren Orisini wrote a great article on Fans in Zambia and the difficulties they face acquiring fandom merchandise.

5. Geek and Sundry wrote about gaming and genderbending. Genderbending is a unique fan term that has been gaining more and more speed as fans continue to do Genderbend- Fanart, Cosplay, Fanfiction, ext. What I really want now is for “Genderbend” to become a more mainstream idea so we can have more movies like Female-Ghostbusters.


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