Dragonball Super Episode 4

In which we actually see some tension building and still have a lot of fun! Two things that make Dragonball great!

Recap; Bulma’s birthday party is going on without a hitch- well, if you count her best friend and husband not being there “without a hitch”. Meanwhile, Trunks shows Goten all the prizes his mother plans to give away for the upcoming Bingo game. The prizes range from a castle, a jet plane, and first place wins all seven dragonballs. Emperor Pilaf and the gang sneak onto the ship looking for the dragonballs and run into the mini-saiyans. Meanwhile, Beerus has appeared on King Kai’s planet!

While this episode still followed the formula for Battle of the Gods, it was still really fun to watch! I definitely went a little overboard with taking screen shots because there were so many lovely moments in this episode. Also, my priorities were evenly split between two main subjects.

Starting with Pilaf and the crew. If you haven’t watched Dragonball you might be confused at who these children are. Emperor Pilaf is actually the first villain Goku faces in dragonball. He and his associates Mai and Shu try to gather the dragonballs for world domination. Their efforts are bumbling at best which puts them on a villainy level equal to Team Rocket. Now they are making a reappearance and though years have passed since Dragonball they… look like children. If you’re confused, Battle of the Gods offered a brief explanation Spoilers in the barracks (In the movie it is revealed the three have gathered the dragonballs previously and Pilaf wished for youth, without any guidance on age. So the dragon apparently turned them into children.)

Dragonball Super

Easily these three were one of the best parts of the episode. The art work surrounding them and the comedic effect they had on everything was a welcome addition to the cast. The deaging is a good change as well which made their antics as clumsy children a lot more enjoyable to watch compared to when they were incompetent adults. Things pick up even more when it is none other than Goten and Trunks who bring the three onto the S.S. Bulma. Since Pilaf and the gang are close in age to the two boys there are sure to be antics and shenanigans ahead of us. YES!

One of the reasons why I think this episode did so well was because it managed to distribute it’s time equally among the Beerus Storyline and the Bulma Party. The audience waited in anticipation for Beerus’ arrival  and how Goku handled the news of a “God of Destruction” while still being able to enjoy the side story of Bulma’s party. All things came to a somewhat climatic end with Beerus’ final arrival on King Kai’s planet and the “threat” of emperor Pilaf arriving on the cruise ship.

The animation for this episode only enhanced the enjoyment. While some may find the thick lines a little distracting, I became rather fond of them as the show went on. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason for their use, as they appeared during comedic bouts as well as Vegeta’s training scene. It will be interesting to see, as the show goes on, how they integrate into the greater story. I could see the new styling taking away from future fight scenes but at the same time they definitely have a solid presence during the rest of the show.

We (thankfully) won’t have to wait long to see how the designs fair in a climatic Dragonball Fight because the next episode will feature Goku meeting with Beerus for the first time. Despite King Kai’s best efforts the preview for next week promises from SS3 action. Can’t wait!

Overall Rating: B+

Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes:

  • Bulma’s Ship has Princess Bulma written on the side. I’d just like to point this out.
  • Also, I loved that they highlighted a poor sectary having to interrupt Vegeta’s training because his wife wants him to come to her birthday party. Vegeta, haven’t you learned yet? Waifu always wins.
  • I kind of adore Goten and Trunks’ Hawaiian shirts. This show is definitely not letting me down in my need for Goten and Trunks misadventures.


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