Fandom Friday: 5 Favorite Fanfics


It is time to talk about some of my favorite things!

Since this is a tall-order Friday Fandom for me, I’ve decided to break out only a few of my favorites and do them in categories.

  1. First Fandom Fic: One of my first fandoms was Yugioh. God, I was really into it- but what can I say? Anime + Egyptian History = Something that is VERY relevant to my interests. The show pretty much had a creative shipping name for every couple imaginable (which was awesome.) My personal favorite was Puzzleshipping (Yugi/Yami) which was so canon in the show it hurt. Here is one of my top Puzzleshipping fic:

    Memories of Shadow and Light By: Le-Chan1 // Description: When Yoshimori uncovers the resting place of the “Pharaoh of Nameless Shadows,” it seems that Yami finally has solid proof of his existance. It seems to be a gift from the gods, but if it was a gift why is Yugi 3,000 years in the past? AtemxYugixYami YAOI

  2. Highschool Fandom Fic:  In High school I was a die hard Fullmetal Fan. At the time the fandom had a lot of older writers and was riddled with GREAT fics. If I had to pick just one I’d have to give it to.

    Better Living Through Alchemy By: Skydark. // Description: Sequel to The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher – Overall NC-17. Yaoi. Humor, Angst, Fluff, Plot. What happens after the Happily Ever After? Roy and Ed continue their lives in a world they seek to reshape. Various Pairings. Al/Riza, Havoc/OC

  3. College Fandom Fic: One of the fandoms I got really into in college was X-men and the Cherik pairing (Charles Xavier / Erik Lehnsherr) has some of the best writers on the web! Picking just one is hard but here it is:

    Blood Steel and Miles Between By: Dreamlittleyo This fic could be canon and that’s why I love it. It’s so true to the characters and the world of the movies (or comics.) It is great! // Description: (Post-movie AU.) On a beach in Cuba, Charles manages to talk Erik down from the edge. But even after the missiles have been diverted, compromise is impossible. There are two different futures to build, and Erik and Charles will always be separated by their principles. But when Charles is kidnapped and the X-Men can’t find him, Erik will get him back no matter the consequences.

  4. Current Fandom Fic: This year I read some amazing Hobbit fics that erase the tragedy of the final film. I’m so impressed with writers who decide to jump into Middle Earth and explore that world. The one below is just EPIC!

    An Expected Journey By: MarieJacquelyn  // Description: For years Bilbo has written about his adventures and told stories about his dealings with dwarves and dragons. To most it seemed like fanciful nonsense but to Bilbo it was all very real. A weight followed him home from his travels, one called regret. Now in his final moments Bilbo has a choice to make – go quietly into death’s embrace or go back again and face all the fear and pain for the chance to make things right? Of course, change is a fickle thing and not everything can be done again as Bilbo is about to find out. In the end, it may not only be salvation that he’s fighting for.

  5. Favorite Crack Fic: So you’ve probably noticed there is a lot of Slash fics up here. In case that just isn’t your thing I’ve decided to include a comedy piece that will be sure to brighten your day. This crack fic is a parody of “badly written fics” and I’m pretty sure I spat out my drink when I first read it.

    From the Avatar Fandom I present IcyHot, a Zuko/Katara fic By: PaulThomasAnderson // Description: A Zutara love epic


A round up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans

  1. Polygon wrote an interesting article regarding the leaked Suicide Squad trailer and how big studios react when fans promote upcoming projects.
  2. Earlier Chris Pratt asked fans to design his new Facebook Cover photo. The results did not disappoint as fans prove just how creative they are.
  3. Since this week’s topic is about fanfiction and I am also a writer this piece from Valeria Koulikova was an interesting read. It discusses A writers’ workshop which will help those who want to pursue fan fiction and talk about how they can bring life back to the worlds no longer exciting on TV screens.
  4. For Kickstarters  I’ve already been heavily promoting the effort to publish Barefoot Gen and bring it to American schools. And if that comic isn’t exactly your cup of tea try this Science Fiction Space Opera! POC main character, awesome art, and did I mention- SPACE OPERA?!?!
  5. Buy Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army:  Have you always wondered what was up with the rapidly growing Loki fanclub? Or maybe you’re already a member of Loki’s army? Geek blogger Depepi has the perfect thing for you! An in depth study / look into what it means to be a Loki fangirl.

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