Dragonball Super Episode 5

Let’s hope Dragonball Super can only get stronger from here.

Recap; Beerus arrives on King Kai’s planet looking for the Super Saiyan God. Instead he finds Goku who knows nothing about the prophesied God but asks Beerus for a spar before he leaves. The battle was quick, with Beerus defeating Goku in just two strikes before he leaves to find the only other person who may know about the Saiyan God, Prince Vegeta.

We finally get our first battle of Dragonball Super and boy was it… er… well…

As far as fights go this one would have been a great introduction for the new show. There is an air of lightness about it with Goku asking Beerus for the chance to fight, something that is amusing for a show where the characters are often forced into battle. What this does is give the audience a chance to see both Beerus and Goku in action without the heightened tension that’s usually present in DB fights. The battle shows just a hint of Beerus’ power compared to that of our protagonist and things aren’t looking good if Goku should ever challenge Beerus in a real fight. Another bonus is that fact that Beerus is a god, so the fight goes rather quickly. This way we are spared the battle being dragged out for the next three episodes.

Those are the positives of the fight. Now onto the glaring issues with the rest of the episode.

God Bless Subs

What has been an overall clean show for four solid episodes has caught what should be called Toei-itois. A terrible disease in which producer Toei Animations ignores quality control for its shows. We saw this disease strike down Sailor Moon Crystal, the highly anticipated Sailor Moon Reboot that promised gorgeous animation and ultimately fell flat because of  poor quality scenes and even poorer pacing.

The beginning stages of Toei-itois were visible with Super when we all noticed the rehash of Battle of the Gods. Luckily, it felt like Super was giving us new and extra scenes from the movie, so this was overlooked. But now we are seeing a severe lack in animation quality for an episode where it should have been top notch. Disproportionate limbs and facial expressions made the whole fight scene laughable at times.  In an episode where a single fight made up the bulk of it’s 25 minute run time, this is not okay. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.


You ever look at something and know it’s not right- but just can’t put your finger on what it is?

It is not enough just to reboot old shows. Producers need to make sure these shows stand up against other anime being released at the time in terms of quality, music, and pacing. Just because a show has a loyal fanbase doesn’t mean this kind of laziness can seep through.

Unfortunately this does not paint a pretty picture of what is to come next. Will we see a continual decline in quality for the show? Or is this simply a bump in the road? Could Toei be conserving its energy for when we get to new content? Only time will tell.

Even in such an action packed episode though, the plot still manages to thicken. Beerus decides he is going to ask Vegeta about the Super Saiyan God, which means we will see the God of Destruction mingle with our favorite cast and crew in the next episode. These comedic exchanges have been the high point of Super so far so let’s hope that keeps going.

Overall Rating: C

Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes:

  • One of my favorite moments in this week’s episode was Goku’s casual speech towards Beerus before King Kai reprimanded him. Goku definitely isn’t the kind of guy who uses polite speech (Keigo) and he even seems to struggle with it when addressing Beerus.
  • We should all take bets on how long Super will carry out this Battle of the Gods arc before moving onto new material. I am thinking 10 episodes.
  • I have to admit I loved Goku walking off screen in his track suit and then appearing in his gi uniform. Magical girl transformation?

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