Dragonball Super Episode 6

After last week I think everyone was feeling a little sore, but this week the planets have aligned and we were treated to a episode that was both well rounded and hilarious! Toei you have been forgiven, for now.

Recap; Beerus has arrived and only Vegeta is aware of the danger this puts Earth in. Bulma knowingly invites the god  to join the party. It is up to Vegeta to make sure no one angers Beerus, but the fun and games can only last so long.

This episode had all the tension that the last should have held. From the moment Beerus arrives on the S.S. Princess Bulma (Yes, that is the name of the ship) it is established that he is a real threat. The casual glares he throws Vegeta’s way are reminiscent of old DBZ villains who could send a shiver of terror down ones spine with a single look. Luckily, he has questions that need answers- so death and destruction will have to wait.

The Saiyan God? Vegeta hasn’t heard of him, but he does remember that he has seen Beerus before. We’re treated to a flashback on Planet Vegeta, a rare glimpse into Vegeta’s past that reveals Beerus once visited the planet of the Saiyans. It’s probably a miracle the planet lasted as long as it did because the memory is not a happy one. Beerus puts the King of Saiyans in his place in a scene that is one of darkest things we’ve seen in Super so far.

Oh course this is the perfect time for Bulma to stroll in and happily invite both Whis and Beerus to her party. Smelling delicious food, Beerus is more than happy to agree. Rightly Vegeta fears what will happen when Beerus is introduced to people who are ignorant to his status and powers. The gang can be a little… much sometimes. We see this right off the bat when Yamcha tries to befriend Beerus, and Krillin cooks up some Takoyaki stuffed with wasabi that he offers to Beerus. Luckily the god finds the food delicious, but Vegeta is going to get worry lines from all these close calls.

These small scenes were great face time for some of the old crew, and they highlight where Super really shines. In all honesty I would enjoy a show that was just slice-of-life episodes of these characters. I like that Yamcha’s character has become a joke for everyone, including the producers. It is Trunks and Goten’s impromptu water gun fight that almost ruins Beerus’ good mood.  Luckily, Vegeta proves he can think fast on his feet as he dives into the ocean and pulls out a giant octopus then proceeds to make his own takoyaki.   It’s all so surprising even Beerus forgets his temper as he watches in amazement.

Without a doubt Vegeta stole the show this episode. His attempts to make sure nothing offends Beerus is a struggle the Prince isn’t use to, and it adds great comedic value. I mean, him made so. many. great. faces. It was hard not to chuckle.

Despite his hard work things can’t stay peaceful for long. The episode ends with Beerus being pushed too far. Majin Buu won’t share his pudding with him and licks every cup just to spite Beerus. It is a childish move, but this is Buu we’re talking about and Beerus responds in a equally childish manner- by beating the crap out of him.

Now the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak. Everyone on the ship has watched the scene escalate to the point where Beerus literally throws a deadly blast at Buu. There is no way the Z gang will stand for this, and no way Bulma will like that her party be interrupted. The gloves are on and the next episode promises that we’ll see some classic characters take on Beerus. Hopefully Goku can get there in time to help.

Overall Rating: A-

Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes:

  • I bet you’re all wondering how Goku’s doing after his encounter with Beerus. Well fear not, he’s alright and already training for a rematch. That’s right, even with his friends in danger Goku is in no rush to go to Earth to help them. The explanation on this was a little wonky, but it might have been the sub. Either way- that’s our protagonist ladies and gentlemen!
  • Vegeta’s cooking scene this episode replaced the infamous Bingo song of Battle of the Gods. If you haven’t seen the movie well fear not. Here is what the Prince of Saiyan’s did to distract Beerus in another life.

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