Dragonball Super Episode 7

It’s my party and I’ll fight if I want to.

Recap; Beerus has made his move and quickly deals with the Z fighters, but when Bulma slaps the god and reprimands him for ruining her party he responds by hitting her back, sending Vegeta into a fury.

Once again Super gifts us with another solid episode. This one is structured much like episode 5 in the fact that the majority of it is spent on fighting and not plot. Luckily, unlike episode 5 we weren’t forced to endure painful animation. In fact, the fighting held up to past episodes. We see some classic characters jump into battle and the return of dragonballz’s “blurry punches,”  but overall everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

The episode opens up with heavy tension as the gang has just witnessed Buu’s defeat. Despite Buu now being friendly with everyone he did almost destroy the entire world and is probably one of the most fearsome fighters in the group simply because he is nearly indestructible. The mood and music reflects the overwhelming tensions and provides a new tone that Super was lacking compared to DragonballZ. Last episode hinted to such dread with Beerus’ deadly side-eyeing Vegeta and the flashback of King Vegeta’s humiliation, it is nice to see that theme carried on.

Everyone knows they’re in some kind of trouble but only Earth’s guardian, Dende, seems to understand the scope. Dende often doesn’t have a lot of screen time but the emphasis of his emotions during this episode really stuck out and were effective story telling. It is easy to forget that Dende is a god himself, maybe not on the same scale as Beerus, but he does understand when his planet is in danger. I would also like to point out that by focusing on Dende we remember that he’s seen planets endangered not once but twice, both Earth and Namek. His fear is comparable to what he felt when he first saw Frieza the first time.

Breaking up the tension is Whis, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. Without him there is no doubt that Beerus would have gone ahead and blown up the Earth after Buu’s attack but Whis has found Earth’s food so delicious he begs for just a few minutes more. His excitement over common foods like Salmon, Egg, and Sushi has helped to maintain Super’s comedic atmosphere even in such a high tension episode.

Now, onto the battle. It does not take long for Goten and Trunks to fuse into Gotenks, whose overconfidence has him leading the charge against Beerus.  While Gotenks is one of the more powerful fighters in the group he is easily dealt with in a rather childish manner. Beerus gives him the equivalent of an Indian Burn and flicks him into a wall.

Next Piccolo, 18, and Tien jump in but their combined efforts are blown away with ease. Gohan steps up and Buu comes back for seconds but even they can’t land a single punch on the god. Now an unlikely opponent decides to give the god a piece of her mind, Bulma. She effectively lands a slap on Beerus (not that it did much damage) and gives him a piece of her mind regarding how rude he’s being. I mean, threatening the earth after they gave him Takoyaki- RUDE!

You can see this is not going to end well from a million miles away, heck even Vegeta sees this. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Beerus returns Bulma’s slap with a backhand of his own that sends her flying. In a show where there is constant violence against men and women alike the slap comes as a shock. It is a small strike compared to the flurry of punches seen earlier, yet it leaves us all in shock. Out of everyone, Vegeta is the most enraged by the attack and is quickly pushed into rage mode with a proud declaration, “What did you do to my Bulma?”

And thus, Dragonball Super has pushed Vegeta’s development farther in seven episodes then almost 100 Episodes of Dragonballz. Out of all the couples in the show, Vegeta and Bulma are definitely the one that incites the most interest. In the beginning everyone, including Goku, are shocked that they end up together and have a child. Vegeta isn’t very loving and we can count the amount of times he has shown his tender side on one hand. Super has helped a lot with that, episode 2 did a lot of setup mentioning that he’s been slowly changing since the fight against Buu and now we see him standing up for the woman he loves.

Of course, this is where the episode ends. A few batched fighting attempts, a little character development, and a cliffhanger. I guess not much has changed as far as Dragonball’s pacing structure is concerned, pity. Already 7 episodes in and only now is the action getting ramped up. I’ll give it to you that the first two episodes were solid pieces, slice-of-life scenes that I wouldn’t change for the world but I am sure there are something’s that could have been edited out so we could get to this point much sooner. Pilaf and the gang, while I love them, didn’t appear in this episode and haven’t done much since arriving at the party. I think a lot of the initial scenes with Beerus and Whis could have been cut down.

The good news? In the next couple episode we’ll see how much the series decides to deviate from Battle of the Gods. Goku will arrive and we’ll give him one last chance to make up for that disgraceful battle he had last time.

Overall Rating: A


Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes:

  • To think this all could have been avoided if Goku had just come back to Earth.

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