Dragonball Super Episode 8

In which Dragonball Super interprets filler as time to kill before Goku comes to save the day.

Recap; Vegeta’s anger gives him a power booster so he can finally land a hit against Beerus, but not enough for him to save the Earth. The gang watches Beerus prepare to destroy their home when the sudden arrival of Goku could change the course of this fight.

I’ll be honest, even though this episode has some fun points and a great battle sequence it didn’t do much for me. When you spread it all out and look at it nothing much really happened. That’s not to say it was a bad episode. Everything fell into place nicely animation wise and how about that fight between Vegeta and Beerus? Clean and well choreographed, it was a far cry from the worry we felt in Episode 5 (and I promise, I’ll try to make that my last reference to that episode. Time to move on.)

Maybe one of the reasons why this episode didn’t do it for me was because Vegeta was not in the spotlight. After his fight, the focus turned to Oolong for the majority of the episode and Goku had a solid two minutes dedicated to his reappearance. Vegeta has proven he can carry an episode, but after his brief fight against Beerus, he (literally) watched from the sidelines. Even in this more passive role though I’d like to point out a few interesting things with his body language throughout the episode. In the last moments when Beerus was about to destroy the Earth, Vegeta and Bulma stand close together, and there is even a shot where Trunks grabs his father’s hand and Vegeta doesn’t say a word. It really is amazing how far Super has taken his character in these last couple episodes. The audience has seen numerous sides of him that were fleeting moments in the old show.

After Vegeta takes on Beerus and fails, the God of destruction is willing to give the fighters one last chance. He does like the food Earth has to offer, and it would be a shame to just waste a planet that makes so many delicious goodies. So, instead of sparring the planet and allowing everyone to just enjoy the party and birthday cake he gives them one last option. A game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide Earth’s fate. In a random happenstance Oolong is picked to be Beerus’ opponent.

Oolong’s match against Beerus was just an excuse to extend the plot for another five minutes and the end result was exactly how you would have expected: Oolong loses, Beerus continues to threaten the Earth, and- Oh thank god, Goku finally showed up. It is now clear that Super is trying to extend itself by giving some old, minor characters time in the spotlight. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I just couldn’t get over how arbitrary the whole scene was. If Beerus likes our food why would he blow it up? We have seen him blow up planets in earlier episodes because they couldn’t produce anything that caught his fancy but Earth has takoyaki, sushi, and birthday cake! Our heroes can’t help it if they don’t know anything about the Super Saiyan God, but maybe that’s the thing with Beerus. He is a god who is wholly unconnected to any one thing, he doesn’t need rhyme or reason for the things he does. If he wants to kill time playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with a Pig… well, why not?

Best 2 out of 3?


Goku’s heroic entrance was something straight out of a 90’s action anime. Cue uplifting (if not a little overzealous) music, pose from a tall tower, and the powerful exclaimation of “Wait!”.  Geez Goku, sure could have used you about fifteen minutes ago and without the dramatic flair, but whatev. We’ll take it, Saiyaman would be proud.

Goku’s re-connection with the group is the fresh air this episode needed. Not only does he stop Beerus in time, but he seems to have a plan, and it involves the dragonballs. With that said, we’ll have to wait till next Sunday to see where this plan goes. Based on the preview for next week it looks like we’ll see our first glimpse of the Super Saiyan God.

Dangit, I originally bet it wouldn’t happen until Episode 10, just one off.

Overall Rating: B+

Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes:

  • I wasn’t kidding about Goku’s dramatic appearance. I couldn’t help but crack up.
  • Also sadly, we saw the departure of Emperor Pilaf and the gang this episode as they were sighted rowing away from the boat. Le Sigh, I was really hoping these guys would contribute something to the story before they left. I can I can still hope.

2 thoughts on “Dragonball Super Episode 8

  1. I agree. This episode did very little, and just shunted Vegeta to the side lines until Goku showed up. With all that build up at the end of the last episode and then…nothing. If anything, the series is trying to make secondary characters matter, but they end up not not mattering. Oolong did nothing other than stall for time, till the heroic timing of Goku. At least we get to see Vegeta’ softer side. Which you pointed out : D.

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    • Agreed, I like the shout-out to older characters but I need them to actually matter to the plot. If, for example, Oolong had won the game that would be interesting! Or if Goku wanted to use the Dragonballs but Pilaf already stole them then that would be something. However, none of these characters weren’t carried all the way through.

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