Dragonball Super Episode 9

How to make a Super Saiyan God in 8 Easy Steps

Oh boy, Super you are proving to be a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. This episode had a few high moments but a lot of very low points as well making it difficult to pinpoint what I should expect weekly and no, that first pic is not fanart but an official screen shot from the show.

Recap; Goku has arrived and he decides to use the dragonballs to figure out how to summon the Super Saiyan God (SSG). Shenron explains an ancient ritual that will summon the god. After a few blunders, our heroes manage to perform the ritual and thus a Super Saiyan God is born.

For once Super tries to tackle numerous plot points in one episode instead of the usual slow burn of one topic. While this should add a lot to the story the show can’t seem to juggle tension, pacing, and the characters all at the same time. With Goku’s appearance we jump right into the action again and  don’t waste any time in summoning the great dragon. His plan is simple,  ask Shenron how to make the SSG appear. Gee, why didn’t anyone else think of that?

Shenron was one of the highlights this week since he seemed to be one of the only characters with personality and that’s saying something considering the dragon always has very few lines whenever he appears. However, this time when Goku explains they are trying to save the Earth from Lord Beerus the Dragon is all ears, politely apologizing to the God for not noticing him sooner. This says a lot about both characters, that Lord Beerus is a being who even the great Dragon has heard of and bows down to. Beerus is also seen having a side conversation with Whis discussing the Dragonballs. He knows about the Namekian dragonballs but has never seen Earth’s before.

Sadly this back-and-forth is brief and the episode quickly goes downhill. Shenron (conveniently) reveals the Saiyans had an ancient legend that spoke of the Super Saiyan God and how to make one. The whole ritual is talked about like it is a brownie recipe. You need five saiyans of pure heart, gather them in a circle and ask them to push their purity into a chosen Saiyan. Stir twice and let it cool for ten minutes.

Piccolo rightfully wonders if Vegeta’s heart is pure enough to take part in the ritual and Bulma questions how the Prince of Saiyans never heard of the legendary SSG before.  All are valid plot points that Super either doesn’t care about or have time to get into. This SSG needs to be in and out of the oven in ten minutes guys, chop chop onto the next plot point.

The first attempt at turning Goku into a god doesn’t work and Whis has to helpfully remind the Saiyans how to do math. They need five Saiyans to push the energy into a six.  See, this is why math is important! But there are only five Saiyans on Earth- where oh where will they be able to find a six? It is at this moment that Videl speaks up and drops a bomb on everyone. There is a six Saiyan because she’s pregnant!

Math is HARD guys

This is supposed to be a very happy moment in Super. It is the announcement of Pan, Gohan’s daughter and already she’s going to go into the family business of protecting the world. This is also where I completely think Super missed the mark. In Battle of the Gods the announcement of Videl’s pregnancy had a lot of build up, with Dende first noticing something was wrong and Videl asking him to keep her secret. Gohan’s reaction to the news in BotG’s is also one of the sweetest moments between the couple. Both of these things were lacking here.

Videl’s announcement came out of nowhere, and while it might have given good shock value for those who hadn’t seen the movie it is quickly overshadowed by the other things going on this episode.

Additionally this would have been a good time for Super to finally give Gohan some much needed screen time. So far he’s been awfully quiet and void of all that dorky personality we remember from the series. It is clear he’s being brushed under the rug, maybe because the director’s assumed they couldn’t balance anymore characters. Still, Gohan’s animation throughout this episode proved to be the most disturbing.  Leaving him dead eyed, cross eyed, and without any direction. Gone is that expressive teenage boy we once knew. Now, as an adult, he’s become a mild manner Clark Kent, and just like Clark he is boring. Even with Videl’s announcement, Gohan barely gets a moment to cheer before we’re moving on to Goku becoming a god.

Now with the six Saiyans gathered we can cook ourselves a god! Super decidedly ends on a high note as the ritual and transformation sequence was definitely epic, giving lots of great imagery as Earth just doesn’t know what to do with the amount of power Goku is absorbing. There’s hail, rain, sun and snow plus a rocking orchestra that ramps up to let us all know that this is some epic stuff going on. When it’s over we face a Super Saiyan God, who looks just like Goku with red-tinted hair and slimmer muscles.

Next time the fight between Goku and Beerus will take place. At this point it is difficult to say what we can expect from it, but as the Beerus storyline starts to wind down I’ll be eagerly looking for the next arc to start up.


Overall: C

Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes:

  • I didn’t talk about how Videl’s announced pregnancy completely throws the DBZ timeline off. By the end of DBZ Goten is 17 and Pan is 4. That is ten years after the Buu Saga, meaning right now must be six years after Maijin Buu was defeated. So Goten should be in his preteens now and… You know what? I just shouldn’t think about it, right?

  • Chichi is already throwing out names for the new baby, suggesting Gomen so it will fit in with the family. Brings back fond memories of Fanfic writers coming up with their own Go-related names back in the day.

2 thoughts on “Dragonball Super Episode 9

  1. Yep it´s definetly sad, that gohan is at the time a bit boring and didn´t do something interesting and is even one punched by Satan xD (even it´s just a joke).

    The transformation takes for me the whole episode, that was SO epic! First i thought this episode is going to be lame, because all the scenes where in the movie way better…but that one transformation + that epic soundtrack! Truly, a god worthy transformation! 😀

    But i think there could be still hope for Gohan. Maybe in the new arc after Ressurection F he will shine once more! 🙂


    • I hope so. Gohan use to be so cool, even at his dorkiest times. He was always a character who looked at things thoughtfully and helped center the other members of the cast. I agree that there is still hope for him, I mean now that we know Videl’s pregnant I hope we’ll get to see more daddy Gohan. 🙂


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