Dragonball Super Episode 10

The important thing is that everyone is having fun.

Recap: Goku and Beerus fight… a lot. All while Goku slowly gets use to his new god powers.

I’ll be honest, this recap will be pretty short and I was tempted to just combine it with next week’s episode considering not much happened in it. Overall the animation was clean and I really have to say that Super Saiyan God Goku is one of my favorite designs, but clean animation can’t save this episode from being overall uneventful. Maybe they should have taken some of that plot from last week and put it in here.

To start off, Goku is now a Super Saiyan God, yay! He and Beerus make a quick deal that if Goku wins the Earth will be saved. The battle begins but even with his new god powers Goku can’t land a single hit. Instead he seems to be goofing off a little bit, giggling with glee and even using the Kamehameha Wave just to try it out. It’s not like his friends and family are watching below him within the blast range. Nope, don’t care.

As the fight carries on Goku slowly begins to see Beerus’ attacks and can even counter them, proving that he just needs time to get use to the new powers. It is a definite improvement from the first time they fought, when Beerus won with just two strikes. By the end of the episode even Goku gets some much needed revenge for that embarrassment by flicking Beerus on the face, oh and… flicking him off? I think I screen capped at the wrong time (or the right time!) Either way it is just plain fun to watch Goku be his usual carefree self when fighting, it brings with it some of the humor from his Dragonball days.

It should also be noted that Pilaff and the gang have made it back to the boat. But they are too late, the food is all gone and so are the dragonballs. We see a strange but tender interaction between the mini-villains and Whis, who took the liberty of ordering more food himself. Bulma’s rich, she can put up a little more money for starving guest. Pilaff and Whis bond over their love of food and Whis quietly watches the skies, contemplating how Beerus is a god who will never grow up, which probably makes him a perfect counterpart to Goku. This would be a perfect time for Whis to bestow Pilaff with some knowledge that will make him a relevant character again but alas the mini-villains are subjected to nothing more then moving on and off the boat willy nilly. At least they’re adorable.

Bulma can’t stand being out of the action and Dragonball Super can’t stand leaving the characters behind so they all hop in a spaceship and jet off towards the sky to watch Goku’s fight. Yes, Bulma has a spaceship on her massive cruise boat. The girl knows whats up. Only a few people stay behind on the safety of the ship. Videl, who is seen tenderly touching her stomach least we forget she’s pregnant and Vegeta. Maybe its because he is silently stewing that he isn’t the Super Saiyan God or maybe there’s some deeper reasons behind him staying on the boat. I’m honestly not sure. However, it is weird that these two characters are the ones who are highlighted for staying behind. Videl in particular who was once a fiery character who would have never been alright with being left behind by Gohan, yes, even while pregnant.

Time to watch the death match in the sky!

King Kai is briefly seen running around his tiny planet hysterically as the Supreme Kai informs him that Goku has turned into a god. Apparently the galaxy won’t be able to stand the power of two gods colliding for something. Again my hopes for a plot point were dashed by sheer vagueness as the show tried to focus back on Goku. The whole exchange between the Kai’s, even briefly, was unfulfilling and boring.

By the end of the show we are exactly where we started off, Beerus and Goku are ready to fight but for realz this time. I feel I have to point out the differences between an episode like this and the episodes of DragonballZ. Dragonballz may be known for drawn out fights and it may be guilty of not having a lot happen each episode but it did do one thing well. Build tension. It is remarkable how every episode flows so well with tension building steadily that when the show is finally over you don’t care that nothing happened, all you want to do is see what happens next. That same feeling hasn’t been replicated for this new series, but that might be because these last ten episodes have been a recap for the movie.

Despite some decent fighting scenes and the fun romp in Bulma’s space ship I need Dragonball Super to remind me why it is I care that Goku wins. Yeah, Beerus will destroy the Earth but I’ve kind of grown to like him so would that really be so bad? With no clear goal insight the battle will continue in the next episode and I’m still waiting to see some build up for where the story will after Beerus.

Overall: B-

Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes:

  • And this episode had some more material for VegBul fans. Though, I don’t really know what it means for their relationship.
  • THEORY TIME: As Dragonball Super comes up to thirteen episodes and the Beerus Arc (hopefully) closes out what should we expect in the next coming weeks?  I suspect we’ll finally get answers involving the pudgy Beerus look-alike featured on the Dragonball Super Opening. Who ARE you pudgy kitty!?!?

One thought on “Dragonball Super Episode 10

  1. Haha, yeah there is definetly old Dragonball feeling with that carefree Goku ^^

    That Kaio part was really anoying. Sadly i don´t like him here :/

    But youre right, while i like the episodes even it´s just a recap, it´s a bit of a shame there is no real tension. I mean, we all know how it´s going to end. :/

    In my opinion the way Super tells the God story is good and better than the movie.
    But sadly it´s just a retelling.

    Even the Ressurection f Arc. I mean, i dont know the movie (until the 20th october, i import the BluRay from the UK ^^) but after all it´s “just” a retelling, even if they doing it better.

    After all i´m still curious about everything after episode 13, and i think that fat-kitty-beerus called “champa” is another god, from another universe. Nothing confirmed, but i´m pretty sure ^^


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