4 Shows to Binge Before They Come Back This Fall Season

This fall will definitely be the Season of Sequels considering there are four shows that will be reappearing. As the premier for the Fall Season nears what should you binge on before they continue?


  1. Norigami

Norigami Arigoto will be the continuation of the anime that aired earlier this year.  If you haven’t watched the first season it is available on both Netflix and Hulu. It tells the story of a girl named Hiyori the god Yato who is working to achieve celebrity-god status.

I recently binged it all in two days. The story is fast paced from beginning to end with each episode tying neatly together to the next. Norigami has two climatic moments at the midseason point and at the end and both were exceedingly well done. Ensuring there are no boring points at any time. This clean storytelling is backed up by great humor, beautiful artwork, and a soundtrack that fits Norigami’s unique feel. Overall, Norigami is rich with Japanese culture and religion in ways that reminded me both of Kami-sama Kiss and Inuyasha. But, it excels in the fact that it doesn’t contain a lot of fluff- each episode is jammed pack with action, emotion, and humor.

Overall Bingeability: A
Start Date: Oct 3, 2015



  1. K (Project K)

It’s been a long time since K first aired in 2012, but this Fall we’re finally getting a sequel to the series in K: Return of the King. K is a mystery anime about a futuristic Japan that is secretly run for Seven Kings. A boy, Yashiro Isano finds himself the prime suspect in the murder of one of the Red King’s followers. All 13 episodes can be found on Hulu.

I found this series perfect for a binge before the new season because of the mystery at the core of it. There’s no doubt that K is a beautiful anime with a world as regal looking as its characters. K juggles a lot of characters but throughout the anime it is easy to feel like you’re only getting a taste of everyone’s unique personalities and rich history. While the show has a fast paced murder mystery propelling it forward it sometimes has to pause just to fulfill the viewers need to get inside the character’s heads. It’s a small fault, but one that can be quickly overlooked. In a lot of ways it reminded me a lot of No.6, in the fact it is heavily implied that the two male protagonists (Shiro and Kuro) have feelings for each other. It certainly isn’t a bleak as No.6 though, even with the murder, and manages to provide laugh out loud moments.

Overall Bingeability: A
Start Date: TBA


  1. Haikyuu

The show that took us all by surprise last fall is coming back! Haikyuu 2 will be continuing the story of the Karasuno Volleyball Team. Last Season they’ve proven they can be a real threat, but the young freshmen of the team still have a long way to go before they can attend nationals. Haikyuu’s 26 previous episodes can be found on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Slowly but surely I’m becoming a fan of the sports anime genre. How is it that a show about High School Volleyball can be so freaking enjoyable? In the case of Haikyuu, it’s because of the loveable cast, making the audience not only love the Karasuno Team but members of Rival Teams as well. Like Free, Haikyuu exhibits a collection of attractive boys doing something they are passionate about. As the series goes on the boys meld into an effective team which is immensely enjoyable to watch. The beginning of the series moves slowly as the boy’s struggle to grow in their volleyball skills and establish a real team dynamic. The second half, however, proved to be a successful payoff. By that point, the viewer has developed a fondness for the team and gets to see them in action as they prove themselves a powerful underdog.

Overall Bingeability: B
Start Date: Oct 4, 2015


  1. Seraph of the End

I wrote a full Binge Review of Seraph earlier this year, and this fall we’ll see it continue. The show may not be the most original in the bunch, but the beautiful settings and tension between characters is what really makes this show Binge-worthy. Here’s hoping the second seasons will fix some of the faults of the first.

Overall Bingeability: B-
Start Date: Oct 10, 2015


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