Fandom Friday: 5 Fandom Items Perfect For Fall


Before we jump into the fall season here are Five things every fangirl needs for the seasonal change.

  1. Pumpkin Spice T-Shirts: has some great fandom shirts that always seem to know how to express my feelings. So I’m really coveting these two Pumpkin Spice shirts. First is the “Accio Pumpkin Spice Shirt” and second is the “Messy buns, books, and pumpkin spice.”
  1. Fandom Scarf: There are so many adorable fandom scarves that are just perfect for the fall season. I have been wanting this Sailor Moon inspired scarf for a while now, but that means I’ll have to get rid of something in my ever growing scarf collection.
  2. Funko Pop Figures: With the arrival of Fall I’m finding myself staring endlessly at the Classic Horror Movie Funko Pop Figures. Ash from the Evil Dead would be an adorable addition to my collection but at the same time that new Tom Hiddleston figure from Crimson Peak is calling my name.
  3. A Mug for Tea and Coffee: Time to buy the perfect mug for those chilly mornings reading books in oversized sweaters. Some mugs just speak the truth to me but sometimes I just want a mug with cat pictures on it.
  4. The Perfect Fandom Halloween Outfit: Halloween is one of the only times when fans can dress up like their favorite characters apart from conventions. If you’re tired of the lame costumes at the store try for some great cosplay / casual outfits. Right now my top outfits are the Ghostbusters jumper and the Jedi Dress.



A round up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans

  1. I Can’t Even is a new Web Series I’m obsessed with that was created by two fangirls about fangirl life. The web series stresses some of the humorous but totally relatable problems fangirls encounter daily.
  2. This week I would like to highlight two articles centered around Wattpad, a growing literary app that is making a name for itself in self-publishing and fanfiction communities. I’m just now discovering for myself what Wattpad is, but this article lays out a basic overview while questioning what the app’s effect on publishing is. The second article is by The Collective and is an easy guide for fans of some great fanfiction already available n Wattpad.
  3. This article won the internet for me this week as it discusses the misogyny towards fanfiction and its writers.
  4. I don’t know whether to cringe or cheer that a One Direction fanfic-gone-published story is inspiring teens to pick up classic books. Still, an interesting read.
  5. Finally, I would like to highlight the Potter It Forward campaign on Muggle Net where fans of Harry Potter leave notes to future fans. It is always incredible to me how much love the fans of this series have!

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