Dragonball Super Episode 12

Spoiler Alert: They are still fighting.

Recap; Goku and Beerus fight in full force, but that might lead to the destruction of the galaxy as we know it.

Moving into part three of the Goku vs Beerus battle the overall feel of the episodes have gotten stronger and stronger. Despite us watching a continuation of last week’s battle the episode was still enjoyable as it presented numerous beautiful cinematic shots, a little bit of plot, and some humor. The three things that should make up every episode of Super as far as I’m concerned.

While it is just a continuation from last week, Episode 12 decides not to focus much on fancy new choreography as far as fighting goes. Instead, it has a  very simple layout as Goku and Beerus deliver merely three or four punches. Now that the two are fighting at full power the shockwave of the punches are so powerful it  will only take three before the entire galaxy collapses, or at least that’s how the Supreme Kai explains things. This shift in focus makes it so the episode, while lacking a bit content wise, still has a good deal of build up in it. With each punch the audience is left counting down until the final blow, as we’re shown the after effects of each attack. Slowly Earth is cracking at the seams and the entire galaxy is quivering in antica……

I couldn’t help myself.

Meanwhile the team behind Super has made sure to give us a visual feast for our eyes when it comes to the fight between gods. Slowly Super’s animation quality these last couples episodes has been building and building until finally we come to this climatic collision. From the beautiful setting of space to the contrasting colors of Beerus’ purple and Goku’s red auras, I had no complaints as far as animation goes. I only wonder why it took so long for us to get to this point.

Goku eventually figures out how to neutralize the power of their punches so not to jeopardize the very planet he’s trying to save, but that doesn’t mean their clashing powers can’t still destroy the galaxy. Like every fight in Dragonball this one eventually comes down to a blast from Beerus vs. Goku’s Kamehameha Wave. Beerus intends to finish the fight with his last move, but Goku’s new transformation doesn’t seem to know limits as he continues to get stronger.

The fight is periodically broken up between moments spent with Supreme Kai and Hercule. Supreme Kai explains how the battle endangers everyone and everything, providing us with a sliver of explanation and plot that should be in every episode. It’s not much, but it is something and I appreciate the gesture. Then there is Hercule living up to his old ways when Earth citizens somehow assume he can control natural disasters and call him up about fixing the sudden shockwaves. Of course Hercule lies and says he’s working on it, giving a laughable excuse about going undercover at a birthday party… oh Hercule.

Although he is probably one of the most annoying characters in any anime I’ve ever seen, it has been a while since Super highlighted Hercule’s… personality, so the comedic bit was pretty amusing. As a side note: remember that time Hercule almost got smashed by a space ship? Yeah, that was great.

Looks like the battle between gods will continue into episode 13 and hopefully end there as well. While these last two episodes have managed to keep my attention I worry about Super’s ability to continue to do so as well as the inevitable drop of quality that should be happening any moment now. Especially considering this was a pretty decent episode. Well the preview for next week’s episode only gives us more glimpses of the current battle between Goku and Beerus I wonder if we’ll see Goku be pushed into another transformation with all the talk they’ve had about his power climbing. Just a theory.

Overall Rating: A



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