Fandom Friday: 5 People You Want on Your Side During an Apocalypse


Five badasses who may or may not leave me in the dust in the middle of an apocalypse.

  1. Dean Winchester (Supernatural): I mean, this one is kind of a gimme. Dean knows how to survive almost any kind of attack; how to survive an apocalypse and I think he’d be able to lift my spirits a little. Being close to Dean would probably mean teaming up with Sam or Castiel at some point as well, and that’s not such a bad idea in my opinion.
  2. Magneto (X-Men): Let’s face it, Bad Guy or not Magneto is a fighter. Did you guys read Marvel Zombies? Sure he doesn’t make it to the end but he does put up a good fight. There’s the added bonus that he’d be able to turn almost any piece of scrap metal into a weapon and can fly. The only downside is he can be kind of a douche at times, but I would be willing to put up with it to cling to his survival skills.
  3. Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road): Furiosa lives in the apocalyptic world of Fury Road, so she knows how to survive. She’s a kick-ass woman who knows how to defend herself and her team. Every team needs a badass woman and I would definitely join Furiosa on an apocalyptic adventure.
  4. Kitty Pryde (X-Men): Another awesome female whos powers would sure come in handy. Think of all those movies where the survivors meet their end because their trapped or backed in a corner. Kitty would solve all of that. She also has some great leadership skills and would prove to be just an awesome friend.
  5. Ash (The Evil Dead): Another guy who knows his way around an apocalypse. Sure that way is often paved with gore, death, and moments mixed with comedic horror. My life might not be guaranteed the same safety it would be with the other fictional characters, but it would be a little more fun. Maybe. I’ll bring my own boomstick.

A round-up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans

  1. The Daily Dot took a close look to how Disney fans are obsessed with remixing Disney Princesses. Some of the highlighted pieces of fan works are some of my favorites and I am always amazed by how older fans perceive the Princesses with fresh modern looks to express feminism.
  2. If you live in Milwaukee, apparently the Racine Art Museum featured an exhibit about fandom and family. Super Heroes, Star Wars and Doctor Who inspired art were featured at the exhibit as well.
  3. USC held a seminar that dived into how the Science Fiction fandom sparks the Gay Rights movement. Really interesting stuff!
  4. I have recently discovered Ladiesbingo – a challenge for fanworks to highlight relationship among women. The goal of the project is for fans to create works centered on different relationships among female characters. It can be romantic, friendly, or familial, which is something I can definitely get excited about.
  5. One of the highlights of my week was watching this fan-made Spider-Gwen trailer. Yes! Yes!! A thousand times YES!!!

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