Dragonball Super Episode 14

Well readers, it’s over. The fight is finally over.

Recap; The battle between gods ends with Beerus as the victor and Earth is safe… for now.

After four episodes of continuous fighting the battle is over and man did Super pull out all the stops for a climatic ending. Beautiful animation, intense fighting, and some final shots of everyone relaxing really brought out the essence of what I love about Dragonball, but before we get into that let’s talk about how the battle ended.

One of the things that stood out to me watching this episode was that even Beerus seemed ready for the fight to end. He admires the fact that Goku continues to fight even after losing his red glow, but he also seems kind of annoyed that the Saiyan doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit.

Within the first few minutes Goku seems to be slowing down and Beerus lands what can be perceived as a final blow, only for it to be a fake out. It’s almost like Goku is the one who wants to drag this fight out for another two episodes, maybe he would if he were directing this anime. Luckily for us, he eventually just runs out of energy and the fight does eventually end.

Unfortunately, this means Beerus technically won the battle so he’s allowed to destroy the Earth. Just as he begins to gather the energy and everyone prepares for their last moments something happens. Beerus falls asleep, maybe the fight took more out of him then he’s willing to admit. Whis assures the group that when Beerus wakes up he’ll probably forget about blowing up the Earth entirely and Bulma quickly shoos them away before they can ruin her party further. As the two travel back to their home planet Beerus wakes up, leaving us to wonder if he faked falling asleep to spare Earth.

It’s a good ending for this strange story arc. For the first time in Dragonball history, we witness Goku lose to someone stronger than him. Unlike in past battles no one dies in the midst of fighting, in fact, both fighters walk away alive and well. This can be attributed to the fact the Beerus is nothing like any of the villains we’ve seen in Dragonballz. He isn’t pure evil, like Freeza. Instead, he’s more complex, he’s grown lazy in his years of ultimate power and he’s a bit selfish. In a lot of ways, he’s a lot like Goku. So it makes sense that these two would be fascinated with one another.

Supreme Kai muses over the fact that Goku somehow befriended the God of Destruction, but I wouldn’t call it friendship (yet.) Over the last couple episodes, the two have definitely come to understand and even respect each other. They might be on the cusp of friendship, but they aren’t there yet. This is why the Battle of the Gods story Arc might be one of my favorites, as we’re introduced to a competitive dynamic that hasn’t been visible in Dragonball since the introduction of Vegeta. There’s still plenty of room for Beerus and Whis to grow as characters.

As all Dragonball Episodes should, this one ends with a few laughs. Even though Goku is our main hero we have barely seen him interact with any of the main cast throughout Super, so it’s a pleasant sight to see him be snarky towards Vegeta and Gohan trying to have a heart to heart with his dad.

An episode like this really shows the potential for Super as it showed top quality animation to accompany all the action. It almost makes all the low points worth it, almost. Now, with the first story Arc finished I’m excited to see what Dragonball Super has planned next. A release of episode titles assures us that for a little while we’ll be getting some fun filler episodes that I will happily and shamelessly consume.

Overall: A


Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes: 

  • I’ll always freak out over how cute Goku can be when he’s actually being a father! I mean, those moments are so rare!

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