Fandom Friday: 5 Reasons Why I’m a Halloween Fangirl


Give me five minutes of your time to gush about my favorite holiday!

  1. Candy Everywhere

I notoriously buy bags of candy to munch on year round. It’s my thinking snack (and my teeth hate me.) Halloween is the best because all these bags of candy are on sale and they even give me little bite size Hershey bars. An additional bonus is I can usually skip the judgmental cashier around this time of year.

  1. Horror Movies

I am love with horror movies, I’m also a big chicken but I still love them. I love that they make you think, I love that they get the adrenaline pumping and I love that the majority of them feature female characters as the lead! During October you can’t turn on the TV without landing on a horror movie and I love it. On Halloween my Husband and I have a tradition of watching Trick-or-Treat before going out to see what the trick-or-treaters are up to.

3. Pumpkin Carving

I always agonize over what to turn my pumpkin into and after carving my hands are raw from stabbing the damn thing so much, but I always love the end result. Pumpkin Carving has always been a fun tradition that I used to do with my college roommates, now my husband and I carve pumpkins when October hits. I guess the hip new thing is Pumpkin painting, which sounds a lot less painful, but I can’t imagine not having to carve a pumpkin every year.

  1. Spooky Decorations

It’s like Christmas, but instead of pretty lights and Santa you see zombies and ghosts. I love seeing how people decorate their houses. A few near me go all out and I hope someday I can do the same, but I’m learning the self decorating is expensive. Year by year we build up our armament of Halloween decorations. You could say I like to collect them.

No, this beautiful display is NOT mine. Sadly.
  1. Parties!

Granted the last time I was able to go to Halloween party was in college, but still there is nothing like a Halloween party. Everyone’s dressed up, there’s decorated food and sometimes fun pranks. A Halloween party is soooo much more than a Christmas party and that’s a fact!




A round-up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans

  1. This month marked a big moment for fans everywhere with the release of Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On. A novel based on the epic fanfiction written by her main character in Fangirl. The novel is incredibly meta but at the same time I can totally see how it fits the style and tone of fanfiction. It was a fun read and if you haven’t read any of Rainbow’s novels I highly encourage you to go to the bookstore right-freakin-now. Also, I just discovered Autostraddle (a geek girl culture website) who wrote a great article on how Rowell has legitimized Fanfiction. I think legitimized might be the wrong word, but she’s definitely given a voice to fanfic authors (like myself) who often feel like the art is misunderstood (listen to me decry the life of an artist!)
  2. Now might also be a good time to point out that both Rowell and Lev Grossman (author of The Magicians) support fan efforts and tweeted in support of The Harry Potter Alliance. It’s soooo cool to see Authors welcome fan culture instead of belittle it.

  3. Popzette wrote an article connecting the growth of fans with the success of crowdfunding.
  4. The Asian Review had an interesting (but brief) article about how Cosplay and Fanworks are viewed in Japan. Namely, that they usually aren’t punished by copyright laws because the grievance must be served up by the original creator. It is interesting how Japan has such a thriving Doujinshi / Fanworks market. In America, we would never consider selling out fan-created comics in actual bookstores!
  5. NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote a novel about Sherlock Holmes’ brother (and it’s good!)– an article from the Los Angeles Times. Yeah, I didn’t believe the title when I read it either, but the article is very good and really intrigues me to the book.

4 thoughts on “Fandom Friday: 5 Reasons Why I’m a Halloween Fangirl

  1. Yeees! Yes to parties, decorations and food! (No candy for me this year since I started a sugar-free life) And pumpkin carving, which also means beloved pumpkin soup! 😀 😀 😀


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