Dragonball Super Episode 15

With one story arc down we move into a comedic grace period before jumping into another. A lull of filler that quite frankly, I enjoyed far more than I would have expected. While I may be admitting to liking the appetizer more than the actual meal, it’s important to point out that so far the small filler of Super has all be new content while the plot has been more recycled. The filler is funny, heart warming and gives us insight into the character’s lives. All things that I love about this show when it isn’t busy giving us action.

Recap – After Beerus, life moves on; Gohan is settling into his role as a soon-to-be father, Chichi is embracing her future role as Grandma and Hercule hosts a press conference for how he saved the world again. Things go awry when aliens interrupt his moment of glory and ask for proof that he truly defeated the God of Destruction Beerus.

That’s right, it’s a Hercule episode. This kind of takes the fun out of everything for a bit.We have seen Hercule grow a lot throughout the series and he does have some redeeming moments, but it’s times like this where I’m reminded what a complete and utter jerk he is. His fabricated story of the Beerus Arc  try to be humorous in their own way, with Hercule admitting he had to achieve a god-mode in order to defeated Beerus. Ultimately, the humor falls a little flat since the reimagining is only in his own mind and its so incredibly within Hercule’s character to do something like this I’m not even surprised or snickering at his lies but rolling my eyes at them.

All of this changes though when real aliens show up at the conference to congratulate him on his win. How the aliens found out so fast that Beerus was defeated (and how they didn’t get word that it was Goku) is beyond me, but seeing the humans praise Hercule for his win is enough to convince them that he must be the guy. The Sunakians appear to be a group of cat-like aliens and… well, they’re kind of adorable. Also, they are very silly, but I’m immediately taken with them because they’re aliens! Their unique design and silly antics reek of Toriyama design and its a bonus to finally see some aliens come to Earth without the intention of destroying it.

The Sunakians are willing to present Hercule with a badge of honor to commemorate his victory when one of the aliens speaks up.The great warrior Garbi doesn’t believe a man like Hercule could defeat Beerus and in typical fashion, challenges Hercules to show his strength. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. By fighting Garbi, Hercule is sure to lose and be exposed for a fraud, but if he doesn’t the same outcome will play out. He tries calling on both Gohan and Vegeta to help but neither pick up the phone. Gohan is busy trying not to burn down the house and Vegeta’s absence is an intriguing mystery.

So he’s forced to fight. That is, until Goku flies down with his broken tractor, intrigued by the large crowd (and let’s be honest, the giant fighting area in the middle of town.) It appears Hercule is saved, as he plays Goku off as a student. I’m willing and ready to accept Goku lending Hercule a hand yet again,  but it would still be a little disappointing.

Then Dragonball Super throws a curve ball in a delightful twist when it shows both Chichi and Piccolo shopping together for food to help Gohan. I don’t really believe Gohan and Videl are in any trouble when it comes to money, but Chichi is definitely a woman who has her own ideas about how to raise a family and I’m sure she will be a very hands-on grandmother. Plus, I wonder if she worries because she and Goku had a hard time when they were first starting off their own family. Either way, I love the fact that she and Piccolo are in agreement to help their son out in any way possible and…. yes, I did refer to Gohan as their son.

Their shopping is ruined though when Chichi finds her husband engaging in fights rather than fixing their only source of income, and Goku, in the face of Chichi’s wrath…. runs away. Our hero runs away. Ditching his family once again but also leaving Hercule as well.

Sometimes Goku can be a real jerk.

Alone and afraid Hercule shows us that all that past development wasn’t for nothing when he puts on a brave face and takes on Garbil. Even though it may mean the end of his “career”, it may even mean death, still Hercule realizes this is one situation he won’t be able to get out of. The end is near until his dog, Bee, comes up to the Arena. The sight of a dog isn’t enough to cause Garbi to break out into a cold sweat and eventually run away. The other Sunakians follow suit, leaving the badge of honor behind.

So once again, the Earth believes Hercule to be a great hero, but we the audience know who the real hero is.

Overall: A

Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes:

  • I find it interesting the Hercule tried calling Gohan and Vegeta before Goku. This is the second time, the first time he went and offered money to Vegeta before giving it to Goku. Maybe he knows Goku doesn’t own (or carry) a phone, or… OR maybe he feels guilty about always taking Goku’s victories for himself, or maybe he resents Goku a little. Who knows, but I like creating fan theories that give him a little more personality.
  • I didn’t touch much on it in the review, but Papa Gohan is already showing great signs of being AWESOME as he stumbles about fearing for his wife. I’m not a fan that Videl seems to just take his mother-henning. The old Videl from Dragonballz would no doubt feel smothered, but maybe I’m being critical? Maybe she finds Gohan’s bumbling as cute as I do.

One thought on “Dragonball Super Episode 15

  1. Oh yes, gohan was totally sweet, when he was talking with Pan :3
    Allready a better father than goku in whole Z and his child isn´t born yet xD

    Really liked this episode, i hope we will get more of this 🙂

    But i wonder…Piccolo was saying “what am i doing here?” and chichi says “that´s because you eating sometimes at our home”…but namekians only need water to live o.ô
    Did they forgot about this?

    The idea in sending aliens to earth to NOT destroy it one times was really greate had the same thoughts at this momemt ^^ And the sunakians were great xD

    I really hope to see more of that kind of aliens! 🙂


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