Dragonball Super Episode 16

We’re at the point where these episodes do exactly what you’d expect- they fill in gaps. Giving us a glimpse at how the characters move on after the battle with Beerus and what they do before the inevitable pick up from the recent Resurrection F movie. Not a lot happened this episode but everything that did happen was full of good humor and totally entertaining to watch. I should probably be ashamed to say this, but I’m enjoying the hell out of these filler episodes.

Before we get too into things let me start off by saying this episode is a little sporadic and so will be this recap. It jumped from a few choice characters, giving us brief glimpses into their lives before finally settling on a character that was doing something relevant. As if the director knew that the Vegeta story line wouldn’t carry the entire episode. It’s a fault, no doubt about that, but luckily the episode has some good humor and plays at my nostalgic feelings.

Alright, that said; let’s briefly go over what the Kais are doing. For weeks now the episodes keep flashing back to them as they argue and watch Goku fight Beerus. Now that the fight is over, the episode is… still flashing back to them. Maybe this is build up for something in the future but in all honesty the Supreme Kai and Elder Kai are pretty boring. To illustrate this, Elder Kai is watching beetles fight for fun and Supreme Kai’s mind is in the gutter. Practically zero percent of their onscreen time was enjoyable and probably should have been given to someone else. Heck, I would have enjoyed watching Yamcha more than these two. There I said it. Moving on.

Goku’s back to the boring life of farming. After becoming a god and fighting the strongest opponent he’s ever faced, I can kind of see why he’s sleeping on the job but still the guy can’t seem to learn the most basic rule of farming. Always keep your eye on the equipment. Luckily, Krillin shows up to chase away the boredom.

Did somebody say… work?

The two have some much needed bestie time and Krillin faces the reality that he’s fallen way behind Goku when it comes to strength. Still, he’s curious to see just how strong Goku really is and asks his friend to do the honorable thing and “punch me, bro.” Alright, so he didn’t say bro, but he does ask to be punched. To Goku’s credit he doesn’t want to punch his friend in the face, but eventually concedes.

It ends about the way you’d expect it, with a single punch sending Krillin clear across the countryside. I could almost make a joke about Goku being a one punch man (haha… see my over reviews) but I’ll refrain. Next we see Krillin with tje entire left side of his face swollen as 18 tends to him. The scene between Krillin and 18 is one of my favorite in the episode as it shows a real bond between husband and wife and Krillin admits that he’s truly given up martial arts to be a family man. It’s a decision I don’t think we’ll ever see Goku make, but the fact that Krillin doesn’t seem to have any regrets is heartwarming. Especially in the wake of Gohan becoming a father himself and one who will probably make the same decision of family over fighting.

Speaking of fighting, Goku’s back to training even though he should be doing farm work. I don’t want to say he’s being a terrible person this episode but punching your friend in the face and skipping out on the chores kind of makes him a terrible person.

Hopping back to the topic of training, Vegeta’s back to obsessing about beating Goku once again. Now that Goku’s become a god, Vegeta wants to be able to achieve the same thing. Even though, I should point out, Vegeta has yet to achieve SS3 like Goku and becoming a god takes a lot of additional steps. Becoming a god takes a legit ritual while SS3 is something he can achieve with training.

He comes home to cool off after a hard day of training to find that his wife is busy making nice with Whis. Yep, apparently Bulma has been wining and dining Whis in an effort to ensure her family will be safe should Lord Beerus ever decide to threaten the earth again. Oh, and they’ve kind of become best friends. You have to admire her ambition, and I can kind of see why she and Vegeta make such a perfect couple.

When Vegeta notices Whis he sees an opportunity just like his wife, but instead of trying to get close for protection Vegeta works to get Whis to train him. He makes the same promises as Bulma by offering the best food on the planet, but his wife has already beaten him in introducing Whis to the delicious tastes of fried Shrimp, steak, eel, and other famous meals.

In a twist Vegeta realizes Bulma has shown everything but her favorite food, the one thing she can’t go a week without eating, a staple of Japanese cuisine.

Instant Ramen.

And Whis totally loves it. This is one of those times where Dragonball just nails its humor and I enjoyed every moment of it. Now, Whis has agreed to take Vegeta on as a pupil and we see the two of them heading off to Beerus’ small planet armed with an infinite amount of instant ramen. Despite the rough layout of this episode’s pacing, I admit that the heartwarming moment with Krillin and the eye opening experience watching Vegeta and Bulma interact with each other makes this one of the best episodes of the series.

Overall: A


Freakouts, Giggles, and Notes: 

  • I forgot to mention we got some adorable Dragonball flashbacks to kid Goku and Krillin. Goku is pretty adorable when he was a child, also identical to Goten in almost every way (including voice actor.) Still, loved the throw back. 

One thought on “Dragonball Super Episode 16

  1. Your not alone, i also enjoyed these filler scenes totally and the episode ^^

    Also, the supreme Kai mentions some planets are just vanished. Without a trace. Well, let´s be honest, that can´t be beerus. I´m pretty sure, that was our big friend Champa! 🙂 But i can be wrong, as sure.

    I´m very curious what´s next, and the training at Beerus´ place! 🙂


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