Dragonball Super Episode 18

This episode mainly focused on Goku and Vegeta doing nothing but housework, so it’s no wonder that I found it utterly boring.

Recap; Goku begins training with Whis and finds that it is 10% actual training and 90% housework. Meanwhile the last two minutes of the episode sets up for the resurrection of Freiza.

Don’t get me wrong. I like both of these characters well enough and I go into any Shounen series expecting a “training” episode at some point. However, this episode just falls flat. I guess it will be tough to have an episode top last week’s but let’s get down to what did and didn’t work here.

The biggest issue, of course, is the fact that this is a training episode with very little training. Instead Whis and Vegeta introduce Goku to the everyday chores he’ll have to do in order to receive any training time. They have to do very mundane things like change Beerus’ sheets, clean the Oracle Fish’s bowl and pull weeds. The first ten minutes was spent with just Goku and Vegeta arguing about how they were going to change Beerus’ sheets. I’m not kidding.

And people think Dragonball is Hyper-Masculine
I’m not surprised.

The second folly is that the episode focuses on Goku and Vegeta without presenting us with anything new for their relationship. It hints the Vegeta has grown stronger but doesn’t actually show us any of this. Instead we fall into the same old back-and-forth between these two characters as their competitive nature leaks into everything they do. Not to say this interaction isn’t boring. It was definitely amusing watching Vegeta wear his now infamous pink apron and fun to see Goku out of his element. Not to mention Whis seems to get better and better with each interaction. Those bright spots were few and far between though.

This episode so supposed to be a key bridge in storytelling between the Beerus Arc and Freiza Resurrection Arc, but spending the majority of the time on household chores does not inform me on how Goku or Vegeta get strong enough to beat Freiza. Even more disappointing was that this episode has already started taking moments and dialogue from the film.

While no plot movement happened with the Saiyans, it does give us micro flashes of what’s to come. We get to see a quick glimpse of Sorbet, one of the last commanders of Freiza’s army, as they struggle to piece together Freiza’s remaining forces. We’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the next episode but for now it’s just a light tease. Then something flashes by in a streak of light and we get our first glimpse of Chamba (a.k.a Chubby Kitty) with a female Whis look-alike. It’s another tease as they destroy a planet and then move on with an ominous discussion about it, “not being the right one”.

Chubby Kitty Chamba appaeared!

I can’t help but think of this as another case of Super’s bad pacing. This episode really could have benefitted with more Chamba or Sorbet. These characters are new and deserve a proper introduction. I know Sorbet will be a big player in upcoming episode but who knows when the next time I see Chamba will be?

This was probably one of the more disappointing episodes of the series so far. A shame since Super has proven to do filler episodes really well. While other episodes I could justify their low grade with bad quality or poor pacing this one suffered some a general shoulder shrug and blank stare.

Overall Grade: C

Freak outs, Giggles, and Notes:

  • I should probably give a shout out because DBS did give us some beautiful background art. Honestly, Beerus’ planet might be one of my favorite locations in the Dragonball World.




One thought on “Dragonball Super Episode 18

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. Beerus home looked so beautiful! I whished, there will be more episodes, just to see more of that. A little training filler Arc would be awesome to see more.

    But you´re right about the training, could be much more :/ I really hope they don´t rush the resurrection f arc so fast through.

    And Champa´s voice is SO amazing! I really hope to see more of him soon! 😀
    But i think, we will.

    Remember the second teaser, where we had a glimpse of Champa at Beerus place?
    That Scene: http://i.imgur.com/4gIpjcu.gif

    Maybe we will see him in the next (few) episode(s) 🙂


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