Fandom Friday: 5 Character’s you’d Like to Celebrate Thanksgiving With


Gather around because here are my top fandom families (and friends) who I would love to celebrate the holidays with.

I’m going to have to say that as much as I love the Saiyans of Dragonball, they are not invited to my holiday celebrations. They eat too much, and I hate cooking so in the end we’d both be unhappy.

  1. The Winchesters: Mostly because we’re both from Kansas, so I think we would have a lot to bound over. They are also from Lawrence, where I went to school, so after a quiet thanksgiving dinner it would be time to tear up the bar district. Plus, no one appreciates pie as much as Dean. Thanksgiving is practically a second Christmas for him.
  2. Charles Xavier: With this character, I would like to go to his giant mansion for the holidays. I bet it’s the best. Lots of high class food, awesome decorations and fun mischievous mutants running around. Or, if the students go home for the holidays it would be some nice quiet time in a real live castle! I would totally discuss books with Charles Xavier after turkey-coma and a nap.
  3. The Avengers: Because of reasons! Mostly, it would be fun just being in the same room as this gang. The party scene in Age of Ultron is somewhat how I imagine Thanksgiving would go. Everyone laughing, joking and getting totally drunk. It’s my kind of party. Plus no cooking, not when Tony Stark is the richest man in the world.
  4. The Belchers: The Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episodes are always some of my favorite. Bob takes the holiday so seriously and his family is always just… along for the ride. Having a cook around during the day would be a dream come true, Bob could cook while Linda and I drink wine all day(and sing!) It’s a win/wine if you ask me.
  5. Hobbits: Just… Hobbits. Though if I had to be specific I would say the Baggins. Nothing, and I mean nothing, sounds more appealing (or Thanksgiving-y?) then curling up in a hobbit hole after a full day of eating then falling asleep. Maybe I would read a little, maybe we would light a fire, maybe dwraves would come in and there would be a party. Who knows? Out of all the characters, Hobbits are number one on my Thanksgiving Call-Card.

Now which fictional characters would (or wouldn’t) you like to spend the holidays with?

A round-up of internet things For Fans, By Fans, with the Help of Fans

  1. Making news last and this week is #ForceforDaniel which was a fan powered social media attempt to help ailing Star Wars Fan Daniel Fleetwood who knew he would not survive a cronic illness in time to see the new movie. This week it was announced that David passed away, but not before J.J Abrams stopped by his house and gave him a special screening of the unfinished movie. Sometimes the power of fans to come together and aid each other is really amazing.
  2. Now that you have had that nice story to start you off here are 5 Incredible Sagas of Fandom Scams caused a whole lot of drama. I knew some of the events on the list from long ago but some are new. Either way, sometimes fandom isn’t a very safe place and people should be aware of some of the issues that arose.
  3. With the release of the new novel “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” The Atlantic asks the question of when authors should let go of characters. In this case, the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” book series continues on with a different author after the death of the original creator Stieg Larsson.
  4. I also have to give a great shout out to an essay written by Delilah S. Dawson, amazing author, geek, and fan. She wrote a piece called, “Everything I Love is Problematic.” That discusses many issues fandoms and geek media face today and the open dialogue we, as fans, should have about them. I’ll just say, I agree heavily with Ms. Dawson’s thesis statement, but I have also seen great fandoms that don’t deliver problematic characters or plot and you know what? Somehow, people project problems from it. Issues with media don’t disappear, they change as the times change, as people change. I’ve accepted this as truth just as much as I have accepted the fact that my childhood shows are riddles with issues.
  5. If you wanna hear a really great podcast from Latino USA regarding Diversity in Geekdom just click here!

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