Dragonball Super Episode 19

Well gang, we’re here. At the beginning of the Freiza Resurrection Arc and I’m going to have to come to terms that these next couple episodes might be a slog.

It isn’t that I dislike the story ideas presented in these upcoming episodes, it just feels a little lazy considering the movie came out this year. It is still a fresh experience in my mind and I’m not really looking forward to Super drawing out the battle against Freiza the same way it did with Beerus.

There is a fairly long time jump from the end of the Beerus Saga to the Freiza Saga, so I was hoping Super will fill in those gaps, but the last episode left a bad taste in my mouth seeing as none of the burning questions got answered. Like, How will Vegeta achieve Super Saiyan God? How do both he and Goku discover a level past that? My only hope is that the answers will be thrown into future episodes in order to tell a comprehensive story.

As for this episode, well it pretty much scene for scene the first twenty minutes of the movie, which seems like a waste of money considering a studio put a lot of time and effort into making the movie as professional looking as possible and now Super will be doing the same scenes (I’m assuming) for half the cost. It doesn’t look horrible, but it does spell trouble for future episodes and from a business standpoint it just doesn’t make sense. I’m hoping, like the Beerus Saga, they will add additional scenes and moments that weren’t in the movie to spice things up for people who have already seen it.

If you haven’t see the movie here is a quick run down. Sorbet, one of Freiza’s last living henchmen decides he wants to revive his deceased master. He goes to Earth, bullies Pilaf and the gang into finding the Dragonballs for him and makes a wish on Shenron to revive Freiza. Since Freiza’s body was cut up into little bits the last time he was alive, he comes back in clumps. Very angry clumps. Sorbet and his minions whisk away Freiza to fully revive him. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta are still training with Whis and Piccolo has accepted his role as everyone’s babysitter.

Freiza’s inner hell is pretty hilarious and it’s always fun to see Pilaf or- maybe it is more fun to see Mai and Shu, but these weren’t enough to keep the episode from dragging. While Super could have freshened up these hashed out scenes with some new dialogue they chose to keep the same lines from the original movie. Specifically for Whis’ training advice to Goku and Vegeta and Sorbet’s monologue about Freiza’s greatness. A poor choice perhaps, since some new jokes or enlightening information would have made this episode just the slightest bit more enjoyable.

To put it bluntly this episode was one big pile of “Meh.” There is nothing wrong with it except for the fact that I’ve seen this episode before. Because of that I’m going to have to give it low B rating. It’s not the worst episode of the series but definitely not the best. My freaksouts, giggles, and notes have gotten smaller and smaller as the series continues on so I’ll be omitting them for the time being.

Overall: B-



5 thoughts on “Dragonball Super Episode 19

  1. You´re not wrong, the whole episode was a scene from the movie. But the dialouges werent exactly the same, there were a lot of small details. 🙂

    – Piccolo was more playing with Pan (wich was super sweet! And we saw him smile)
    – We saw how the pilaw Gang collected all Dragonballs, and their suffer, when Sorbet and Tagoma take their Dragonballs.
    – More depth inside the new Freezer Crew. Tagoma has no Idea, who Freezer actually was and Shisami has angry warned Tagoma to watch, what he is saiying. That scene was totally new (with a little flashback, back when tagoma has seen Freezer a long time ago. That whole dialouge was new, because in the movie there was that awesome scene with the music.
    – Didn´t you saw that little green frog at the end? Wasn´t he a bit familiar? 😉

    It was an old foe, that might appear again! 😀 http://www.forumla.de/attachments/dragonball/166910d1447595279-dragonball-super-z3sqgr3.png

    But all these (instead of the announcment of Ginyu), was pretty small details, so you´re not wrong, it was just a recap of the movie. But with some more details.

    And also, we might get a glimps of the new SSJ in the new episode! 🙂

    Take a look at this, it´s coming next episode: https://media.giphy.com/media/3oEduSZhJ4Wz1OAbde/giphy.gif

    I´m sure, there will be more new stuff. I saw the movie too, so i can imagine how it feels to see the same thing again, but it was slightly different.


    • I did notice Ginyu, but I’m not holding any hope that he’ll be coming back. Like Pilaf and the gang I think he’s just a shout-out to die hard fans. It’s been a couple months since I last saw the movie, but I’m pretty sure much of Sorbet dialogue was used in it. A few more sentences of elaboration for characters that are just going to die later is still wasted time- same for Pilaf and the gang. They were totally under utilized in the Beerus episodes not to mention they took out my favorite line- where Mai talks about Trunks being her boyfriend. Basically, I think the movie did things better. ^_^

      That said, I am excited for the next episode. Goten and Trunks get to meet Jaco, and I hadn’t seen that clip so that’s even more to be excited about! Yay!

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      • Yep, you´re right the Movie did in some ways (videl´s pregnant announcement!) better. And that Boyfriend this was also pretty funny xD

        But in the 19th episode were really some new dialouge, especially the Scene, were Tagoma was complaining about Freezer. The scenes werent really big, just a few Small one, but they gave the whole a lot more depth to the Soilders imo. 🙂

        And about Ginyu, i have a feeling we will see him again. I can´t imagine he was just a little easter egg.
        But time will tell, i guess 😀

        Oh yes, i´m really looking forward to the Goten/Trunks/Jaco collab! I really like Jaco, that will be funny 😀


  2. First Gohan, then Piccolo….Toryiama is nerfing some of the best characters in the franchise. Secondary characters are just..there. And do nothing.


    • I wish Piccolo (and yes, Gohan) would have more of a role in these new episodes. As fun as secondary characters are, I think they are taking away from giving these characters more prominent actions.

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