Dragonball Episode 20

Once again, another average episode and a few “additional scenes” that are treated like a drug in order to keep movie-goers hooked. Is it working?

Recap; Frieza is back and he plans on training before getting his revenge on Earth. Luckily a fresh new character comes to warn everyone with an hour to spare before his arrival.

This week’s episode is slightly more enjoyable than the last. Mostly because the director clearly tried to give us those little extra scenes and dialogue in just the right places in order to keep our interest up. Especially for the scenes between Whis, Goku and Vegeta. There’s a little hinting towards the Saiyans discovering the a new power and a line thrown in from Whis where he thinks to himself, “That’s why he (Beerus) chose them.”  I’m sure this foreshadows future events after this storyline, and while I have my theories I’ll keep them hush hush for now.

Other changes included Freiza not killing Tagoma like he did in the original film. Instead, he badly maims the alien in a scene that I think perfectly captures Freiza’s cruelty and dismissive nature. In fact, I actually liked this moment in the show better than in the movie. So there you go Dragonball Super, job well done. Besides that moment, things remained the same as Freiza muses over the fact that he’s never trained before and if he actually tried it would definitely be enough to defeat Goku. You could say we’re actually going to see his final… final form. I’m sure, I couldn’t help myself.

Another bright spot is we get the introduction of Jaco, who is a delightful addition to the Dragonball Cast. He’s a member of the Intergalactic Patrol and oddly enough an old friend of Bulma. Jaco actually got his own one-shot manga by Toriyama, where he comes to Earth and interacts both with Dr. Briefs, a child Bulma, and Bulma’s sister Tights. I love that Dragonball Super had both Trunks and Goten interacting with him. Their presence was noticeably lacking in the films and I’m kind of holding out some hope that they’ll be fighting, but maybe that’s a pipe dream. Just the inclusion of them in this episode did help resolve some mystery that was left open in the film though, and for that I’m thankful.

Jaco’s insertion into the series is seamless and he immediately fits in as a likable, quirky Toriyama character. He’s come to warn Bulma of Freiza’s upcoming arrival an hour before it is expected. Which buys Bulma time to rally the troops and try to get Whis’ attention with a delicious meal so her husband can return from training.

All in all if Super continues to improve (even marginally) on small scenes from the film that can make this story arc for me. But the Beerus movie was one full of fun moments, even when things get tense. Resurrection F has a distinctly different feel to it as it focuses more on a real villain and a real threat. I’m thinking this episode might be the bright spot in an action-heavy next couple of episodes.

Overall: B



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