Fandom Friday: 5 Monthly Subscription Boxes That Make Perfectly Geeky Gifts


I don’t know about you but there has been an influx of monthly subscription boxes popping up everywhere I look. A lot of them are really great and provide something for everyone to look forward to on a monthly basis. With the holidays fast approaching I should also point out that they could make a great gift for someone you know.

  1. For the Book Lovers: Get them a month of Owl Crate, a lovely subscription box for YA book lovers. There’s a theme every month with a recently released book and little bookish goodies, this is one crate I myself have received and LOVE! Plus, the box is so cute! If you use the code #….. you’ll get 10% off your first box.
  2. For General Geeks: You probably don’t need me to tell you about Loot Crate, or maybe you do. Loot Crate was one of the first Geeky Subscription boxes I’ve heard of. Like others, it has a theme of the month and a whole bunch a nice goodies that range from Funko Figures to T-shirts.
  3. For Anime Lovers: Kawaii Box and Japan Crate are two boxes that might catch the eye of an Otaku. Kawaii Box is just a collection of adorable little gifts from japan; stationary, candy, and plushies. While Japan Crate delivers some of the best Japanese candy to your front door.
  4. For Marvel Fans: The Marvel Collector Corps is for you. A monthly box put together by both Marvel and Funko, with marvel news and movies coming out every couple months this is the box to have to make sure you get first dibs on upcoming super hero merchandise.
  5. For Gamers: Indiebox is an unique subscription box that would be perfect for gamers. It brings collector’s edition of indie game’s to your doorstep. It often includes a OST, art and a physical copy of the game instead of just the same old digital copy on your Steam Account.



  1. With the new Star Wars film coming closer and closer expect at least one Star Wars Fandom announcement each week. Oh look, here’s one now. The Mary Sue wrote about R2-KT’s possible appearance in the new film. Who’s R2-KT? Welp, it’s a little pink droid created in honor of a young fan. Read more about it and it’s involvement in the franchise here.
  2. Rachael Crouch also wrote about Fanfiction and Fanart this week for the Mary Sue. Discussing the world behind what the mainstream knows, a.k.a. a world beyond 50 Shades and Twilight fanfiction.
  3. Author Christopher Rice is going to write his first homosexual romance novel. In a recent interview he talks a bit about how fanfiction and fandoms have played into the acceptance of male/male relationships in literature. It’s an interesting read, I definitely like what he’s saying but lines like, “The real fact is women may not want to see it, but they do want to read it” make me cringe.  Forget the shit ton of male/male fanart on the web. Women totally don’t want to see it.
  4. There’s an awesome article (and even cooler tumblr page) about Lesbian Disney Princesses. There’s been a lot of discussion about when disney will give us a same sex couple so fans on tumblr finally took it in their hands to create a few. The article hits on what many fan studies suggest, that these type of pocket fandoms are created to fill a gap in the media. Just like the recent trend of racebending characters.
  5. We know Male/Male literature does well in Japan (Yaoi) and in America (Slash) but what about China? The Economist wrote about how homoerotic literature is doing in China. 

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