Fandom Friday: 5 Anime Perfect to Watch During the Winter Holidays


While the Christmas specials play endlessly on the television, entertain yourself with some Anime movies and episodes just perfect for the holidays.

  1. Princess Tutu (Series): One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is watch / or listen to The Nutcracker. I saw the Ballet a lot when I was younger and it always makes me think of the holidays. Princess Tutu has a lot in common with The Nutcracker: Ballet, Fairy Tales, and the music! It’s a wonderful anime and a great way to spend the holidays.
  2. Sailor Moon- Hearts in Ice (Movie): One of my favorite Sailor Moon movies based on a short story in the manga. The earth is in danger of suffering a new ice age, but that isn’t what makes this movie great. Yes, it has a lot of winter themes in it, but Luna plays a major role in the movie. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it is definitely worth a watch!
  3. K-On Episode 7: The episode features the girls having their own small Christmas Celebration in typical K-On style, it’s adorable and well done. But the best part of the episode is that it’s from the perspective of Ui (Yui’s younger sister.) This means there’s a lot of sisterly Christmas flashbacks, which are adorable. In the end, isn’t the holidays about friends and family.
  4. Card Captor Sakura Episode 35: If you’re up for a trip down memory lane, try watching Card Captor Sakura’s Christmas Episode where Sakura buys everyone presents except Yukito. The Christmas theme is light with this one, but I find it hilarious that the Card Captor Christmas episode focuses on something that is often overlooked on the holidays, fire incidents. I’m not kidding, and in that sense, I find this episode unreasonably hilarious.
  5. Tokyo Godfathers (Movie): Tokyo Godfathers is probably the best movie suited for the holidays as far as anime is concerned. It takes place on Christmas Eve and a captivating plot like no other “Christmas movie” you’ve ever seen. As it manages to be a heartwarming story while also tackling difficult topics such as death, mental illness, and homelessness. If you haven’t seen it I strongly recommend watching this flick over the holidays.


  1. For the Star Wars Fans this week, the Cast of new film answered fan questions on twitter. The Marysue captured some of the highlights from the exchange. I’ve been really impressed in how the cast of both the new and old films have maintained such a healthy (not to mention GREAT) relationship with fans.
  2. Moviepilot wrote a piece about the Zelda Fandom’s reaction to Linkle. After her announcement in late November tons of fanart and cosplay as appeared feature the “Genderbent Link.”
  3. You all know I’m a die hard DragonballZ fan, if you are as well (or just wanna watch something really, really cool) check out this fan made “Gritty” Dragonball Movie. Let the memories of the 2011 film be washed away with this new perspective. So glad we have such talented fans out there willy to make awesome fanworks like this!
  4. Read a great article discussing how Tumblr is changing Fandoms (and not for the better.) Like a lot of people, I also use Tumblr as place to reblog fandoms and post Blog updates. But there are some serious issues that make the site not user-friendly for fandom interactions.
  5. Also here are the top 15 Must-Have Books for Fanfiction Writes. Add some of these to your Christmas list!

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