One Punch Man Episode 11 Review

You know shit is going down when the episode juggles two fights at once. One highlighting the S-class heroes and their abilities, the other highlighting what a total and complete dork Saitama can be. And both are completely riveting.

If there was a negative thing to say about the episode I would have to say it was the lack of Genos. A small issue, but noticeable none the less. We can’t really blame OPM though; as the finale nears, it has its hands full of giving us an epic battle to remember. At the center of the fights are the S-Class fighters, who are quickly winning my heart by being classic action heroes in their fight against Melazald (a.k.a Big Ole’ Pile of Nope).

Still technically in the buildup episodes for the final fight, the cast of characters we’ve seen over the entirety of the series are all making their appearance before the end of the world. We see Hammerhead applying for a job, Doctor Genus and his cyborg Gorilla running a Takoyaki stand, but more importantly we see Mumen Rider still doing good in the world.

It is always a nice thing when a show can call back to the many characters we’ve witnessed over the adventures. Dragonball and HunterxHunter both do this, as do most Shounen Anime and usually it is sign that a colossal fight about to go down. (Or the finale is right around the corner, noooooo.)

And boy is it. Finally we get some screen time for the Alien’s tyrant leader and he… well, he looks kind of familiar.

Boros, destroyer of worlds, definitely looks a little, okay a lot like Brolly from the Dragonball Movies. Let’s review: Boros alien overlord, conqueror of galaxies, crazy spikey hair, ultimate fighter. Brolly, alien, ultimate fighter, first Super Saiyan, destroyer of planets. Brolly isn’t the only Shounen villain Boros has a lot in common with, I see a bit of Freiza in him as well with his alien army and planet conquering.

Boros (Left) Brolly (Right)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these similarities and I would argue that it is these little nuggets in the show that make it so great. Let’s be honest, the people who love One Punch Man are probably fans of other famous Shounen titles. When we see characters like Boros, we recognize the little nuggets being thrown our way. Like die-hard Marvel fans looking for eggs in the latest movie.

Before Saitama can fight Boros though, he has to first find his way around the complicated Ship. One of Boros’ top lieutenants, an alien named Geryuganshoop (a.k.a Shoopy) tries to lead Saitama off the ship. His efforts are in vain though when Saitama accidentally finds his way into the control room where Shoopy is in charge.

Despite his simple octopus design, Shoopy is actually one of the most powerful telepaths in the universe who can even control the gravity around him. He definitely turns into a fearful being when mad, throwing a tornado of debris at Saitama. But our hero is unimpressed. Anyone can throw rocks, after all, as he demonstrates by throwing a pebble right at Shoopy’s head.

Welp, two out of the three top fighters are done for and the third is well on his way. I would say the imminent threat of aliens is being contained by the Hero Association’s top fighters. Even though the fights were well crafted, entertaining and everything I love about this show, something loomed over this episode like a giant shadow.

Boros. The greatest issue was that time ran out before the final battle could get started, but ah… isn’t that always the case with these kind of shows? Saitama stumbles upon Boros’ throne room. Boros gives some interesting Villain exposition, explaining why he can to earth.

Remember Saitama’s rule of twenty word summary? Let’s give it a shot. Boros grew bored because no one could match him, until a seer told him of a fighter from earth who could match him.

Dangit, 23 words. It’s alright though, Boros could do it either and because of that Saitama punched him in an effort to shut him up. Low and behold, the punch doesn’t smash Boros into bits. It only breaks his armor, the armor that suppresses his true power. Power so strong it could probably kill a man from mere exposure.

And all Saitama can say in the face of a villain like this is…

There is a lot about Boros that strikes me, not just his hair of course but his story of why he came to Earth. He’s the strongest fighter is universe, he’s become bored with fighting and he is willing to travel for nearly twenty years just on the hope that he’ll find someone who could match him. Dear god does he has a lot in common with Saitama.

Yet, Saitama doesn’t seem to acknowledge any of this throughout the episode. His basic “Ok” response, shows his own disconnect. I’m sure he’s heard this all before. He only appears mildly interested when Boros gets up after being punched.

As someone who hasn’t read the manga, I am really excited about the upcoming episode. One Punch Man has exceeded my expectations by finding ways to build tension throughout the series, finally leading us to this moment, a fighter who can withstand more than one hit. Like any action anime, I’m fully expecting it to be explosive.

I’ll just be here, sitting in front of the television consumed with lust while I wait.

Overall: A


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