One Punch Man Series Finale Review

One Punch Man finished almost exactly the same way it began, with a series of explosive fight scenes and the screams of a man who is just too powerful for his own good.  A series with as much intensity as this one I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is… was it able to keep the momentum going?

First things first, the series finale has a fight of epic proportions. There’s no denying that. A few scenes stood out because of their symbolism and style.

In the beginning of the fight Boros seems to come to a awakening much like the one Saitama witnessed in the “dream fight” of episode one. In my opinion that fight is one of the best in the series, so it isn’t a surprise that the show would try to relive it in the climatic battle. What’s fun is that we get to see it from Boros’ point of view. He’s a villain, but one with obvious similarities to Saitama, including his need for a worthy opponent. As Boros awakens, his heart beats a pulsing blue color, contrasting with the fiery red we witnessed in Saitama’s awakening. This blue shrouds Boros for the remainder of the fight, unfortunately it isn’t enough to help him win.

Another great scene (that I personally loved) in the fight was the result of Boros kicking Saitama into space. Literally, landing him on the moon. The animation has a weightless feel to it that was very appealing.  Saitama is utterly unfazed about finding himself in space and easily comes up with a solution that brings him back to the planet. There should always be at least one space scene in Shounen Manga (amiright?)

Even a battle as climatic as this can’t last a entire episode of One Punch Man. Eventually the two fighters pull out their finishing moves in a effort to defeat one another. Boros’ is just as terrifying as you would imagine, with a name like Collapsing Star, Roaring Cannon. While Saitama… well, he has used two named attacks up to this point. The Normal consecutive punches and finally an attack out of his Serious Series. His Serious punch is so strong it knocks Boros’ attack back and possibly ripped a hole in the atmosphere.

Global Warming getting you down? Thank Saitama for that one.

When the battle is over no one really stops to wonder how the ship was destroyed. I find it a little unbelievable that nobody noticed the giant explosions happening on top of the ship, but this is One Punch Man. I guess I can suspend disbelief.

If I had to point out one negative thing about the episode it would be that it felt like it could have been just a normal episode. In fact, for a season finale it offered us more questions than answers with the shady arrival of Amai Mask and a hero (Drive Knight), warning Genos of Metal Knight. Instead of wrapping things up in a bow, One Punch Man has given me more things to chew on.

Additionally, I wish we would have had a episode like Episode One which put us in Saitama’s head. It would have been nice to know how he felt about Boros or to see if his thoughts on being a hero had changed at all over the course of the series. With a character like Saitama, it is difficult to know exactly what he’s thinking. That first episode was great for a number of reasons, and a in depth look into Saitama’s thoughts was one of the things I really enjoyed about it.

The question now on everyone’s mind is will there be a season two? Well, Yusuke Murata the artist of the manga tweeted recently that he will work hard to make that a reality. However, the Manga isn’t far ahead of the series so fans may have to wait some time.

At the end of it all, I can just say it was one hell of a ride. A enjoyable one. One where I didn’t have to think about much if I didn’t want to, but when you look at it there are little gems of real emotions shining through. One Punch Man illuminated both things that I hate and love in Shounen Anime and performed a witty commentary on it all. It’s amazing looking at the webcomic that it once was, to the manga currently being produced and finally the phenomenon it has become. One Punch Man has undergone as many transformations as a super saiyan, growing stronger every time and I can’t wait to see where the story will go next.

So I’m off to go buy the entire Manga Set available by Viz. Merry Christmas all!

Overall: A



One thought on “One Punch Man Series Finale Review

  1. Well i´m literally sad, now the first season is done. This is basically one of my most favourite anime of all time now, i REALLY love this show. My Anime of the year 2015 (close to Dragonball Super, even if i´m totally into Dragonball ^^).

    The finally was good and that serious punch was…wow…i really want to see saitama in an equal fight. 😀
    I also want the mangas, but i wait, when they´re releasing them here in germany.

    Thank you so much for your reviews i really enjoyed them ^.^

    Also Merry Christmas as well! 🙂


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